How can I become a Born Again Virgin?

Hello, everyone. I would like to know, is there any ritual or ceremony to becoming a born again virgin? Or do you just sort of declare yourself one?

I am asking because I want to become a born again virgin. I understand that you cannot become a physical virgin again, but I do believe that one can become like new, or virginal, in spirit. That is what I believe the term born again virgin means (please correct me of I am wrong.)

I know it may seem silly to some, but I want to express my new commitment to chaste living by becoming a born again virgin and would like to know how to become one.

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The answer is go to confession, if you haven’t already, and practice chastity. Don’t worry about declaring yourself a virgin again. The fact that you value chastity is a tremendous grace (God bless you!) and you should thank God for your conversion and continue in it. You are a child of God, and you have repented. That is enough.

I have not heard of any specific ceremony or ritual for that, but you could certainly create your own. Perhaps light a candle and pray the rosary asking for the Holy Spirit to grant you the strength to keep your new vow. Perhaps write a prayer stating your commitment to chastity and recite it. Anything that would be meaningful to you. :slight_smile:

Devote your life to the seeking and seduction of romantic, true love rather than being a Follower of our sex culture. Don’t give it up until you are convinced that a man really loves you and would wait for you. It might not always work out, but the beauty is that you can start all over again. Hang out in a playful and innocent environment and never give up. Lots of people are now looking for true love because more are realizing it’s sweeter and deeper than the modern culture’s promotion of shallow amusements. More men and women are waking up to the distinction. Embrace the Renaissance.

Upon your baptism, you become a new creature in Christ. As CompSciGuy said, confession is the way. When you leave the confessional, your soul is purer than the day you were born - as pure as the moment of our baptism. That is the ceremony. That is the rite.

Go to confession and read the book, “Second Virginity.” No person is worth placing your soul in jeopardy. God bless you.

I agree with all of the helpful advice the others so graciously gave to you. This just reminded me of a beautiful saint named St. Margaret of Cortona. She lived in sin with a married man and had a son with him until the man was murdered. She then was so shocked at this sight that she used the rest of her life to repent to Jesus about what she had done for all of those years (she lived for about 30 years once she chose this life). After many years of repenting, she had become very holy and Jesus would talk to her often during prayer (this is what they don’t tell you on wikipedia, but I listened to a homily about her on youtube). One day, during prayer, Jesus promised her a new virginity, and when she got to heaven, Jesus would place her among the throne of virgins (where Mary is). Ask for her to pray for you, for your situations are very alike. God loves you and is pleased that you want to live a chaste life from now on. Here is the homily I mentioned if you are interested in her amazing story

You are already there. Go to confession if a catholic, and get back on that white horse and don’t fall off. If you fall off, brush yourself down, confess and get back on the horse. I admire and respect for you in wanting a chaste life in a horrid world. May God, bless, forgive, forgive and continue to forgive you in your rough road to a chaste life. Don’t be afraid of failure, just crawl back into His loving arms and try again.
Pray to our Virgin Mother for her intercession in a loving and brave intention towards her Son.

Thank you all for your extremely helpful answers. I have taken all of your advice to heart and cannot thank you enough for your help with this. Again, thank you.

"Thus, one festival of the royal virgin, St. Catherine, Margaret [St. Margaret of Cortona, who earlier in life had succumbed to many sins of sexual impurity] was at the altar receiving Holy Communion when she heard Christ say to her: ‘My child, thy place shall be amongst the Seraphim, with the virgins aflame with divine love.’ At these words Margaret was astounded and replied: ‘Lord, how can this be with one so stained with sin?’ But He Who has promised by the prophet: ‘return to Me and I will receive thee,’ made answer: 'Thy manifold sufferings shall cleanse thy soul from all attraction to sin, and in thy suffering and contrition thou shalt be restored to virginal purity.’ "


This! :thumbsup:

You can’t. But, mercifully, blessedly, and happily, you can be a redeemed sinner thanks to our Lord’s sacrifice. Rejoice!!

Check out the “Starting Over” section at the Chastity Project:

Do penance and ask God for new virginity. God bless you.

Bless you!!! Bless you!! A thousand times bless you!!!