How did Saint Luke die?


I have found that some say that Tradition says he died an old man. Others say he is martyred. I know that the color of today’s feast is red. But is there any proof that he died as a martyr? Can anyone provide references?

I can’t make up my mind as to how he died.


It seems that St. Luke lived to an old age but there is no exact record of his death.
“‘Body of St. Luke’ Gains Credibility”

Hi Turtle,

His heart stopped.:slight_smile:



Well I learned that in the Eastern and Orthodox Tradition, they say he was crucified on an olive tree.


He also died of organ failure.:slight_smile:

No, he was hanged on a tree in Thebe of Boehtia at an very old age.

He painted the first icon, Hodigitria, Virgin Mary holding Jesus Christ in her arms…

In the Coptic tradition, Luke was said to have been beheaded at the command of Nero.

The Evangelist, according to ancient sources, was a physician who was born in Antioch and died at 84 in about 150 A.D. in the Greek city of Thebes. The coffin with his remains was taken to Constantinople, the capitol of the Byzantine empire, in 338 A.D. and later moved to Padua, Italy.

He died at 84 in about 150 AD?? Considering St. Paul died in about 62-67 A.D, doesn’t it make it impossible for St. Luke to be Paul’s disciple? :hmmm:
He couldn’t have died in about 150 A.D…

Don’t forget he did the first statue (wood) of the virgin as well. Its in Spain.

Since when was St Luke a painter and a wood carver??? I don’t believe that at all.

Since the Middle Ages, apparently. There were quite a number of icons and some statues attributed to him. Our Lady of Guadalupe (Extremadura, not the one in Mexico), Our Lady of Montserrat, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Czestochowa, the Salus Populi Romani and the Theotokos of Vladimir are a few I could name off the top of my head.

I don’t believe any of that and I bet the Church has not and will not declare Luke being a painter and carver is true!

Suit yourself. (For the record, I don’t either - or at least I think that most or all of the attributed images aren’t the ‘real deal’, if there really was a ‘real deal’ to speak of.) The Church hasn’t in an official capacity, yes, although this was somewhat a widespread belief on the popular level. Just look at all those medieval St. Luke guilds in the West.