How do adults dress for their Confirmation/First Communion?

For both a man and a woman… both already baptized but receiving Confirmation and First Communion. I know that children wear white… are adults supposed to do this as well??

Thank you!

It’s probably best to check with the RCIA team in your parish to see what the local customs are.

In my parish we tell people to wear their “good” Sunday clothes. Color doesn’t matter, just keep it modest and nice. I don’t know what other parishes do.

I wore a nice pantsuit when I was received into the Church at the Easter Vigil in 2014.

You can wear anything you wish so long as it’s tasteful and dressy.
Congratulations. Much of it is cultural. The Hispanics around here wear white for both Sacraments, but the Anglos tend to favor red for Confirmation. But it doesn’t matter.
So long as it’s appropriate for Church. Not too much skin, not too short, no athletic shoes is what we tell the folks here.

This is a cultural question.

In my own experience, for their Confirmation/First Communion adult male converts have dressed in a normal black/gray/blue suit and tie, and adult female converts have worn white dresses.

That’s just my experience, though, and your mileage may vary.

I see very few adults wear white for confirmation in my neck of the woods. I seem to remember I wore dark slacks, jacket and a blue tie. The woman that was confirmed with me wore either a grey or maybe greyish tan dress. :shrug:

In general I would say adults wear their Sunday best (well atleast when that had any meaning, since Sunday best apparently now includes sweat shorts :ouch:).

See for yourself! Saturday, March 26, is the Easter Vigil, and you and your husband are welcome to attend the most beautiful, fantastic liturgy in the Church calendar, when the present RCIA class will be received into the Church. If you can manage to go, you won’t be sorry (hopefully that will be you next year! :clapping:) Check the parish bulletin or call the office for the time.

I don’t remember what I wore - way too many years ago - but I suspect I wore jeans. Not sure if I owned a skirt or dress back then. :wink:

I was 44 when confirmed.

I wore a black suit, white shirt, gold tie and English wing tips.


My Confirmation class was told to wear our “Sunday best.”

That was many years ago.

I can still remember what I wore, though. :slight_smile: I wore a matching skirt, blouse, and shirt outfit.

My husband wore dress pants, dress shirt and tie. I wore an off white tea-length dress, because not only did he get baptized and confirmed and I was confirmed but our marriage was convalidated. Our priest suggested what we should wear.

I wore a cream colored tea length silk dress the skirt part was pleated it had puffy long sleeves.I also wore a pair of cream colored. closed toe high heels that was in 1993.

I wore this even though I did not come into the Church through RCIA I had private instruction and was babtized and confirmed in the Eucharistic chapel by the priest that I had instruction from. That was on a Friday I received first communion that following Sunday in the same dress but with black closed toe high heels.

Hi there. I’m an adult convert. For my Baptism and First Communion my pastor advised me to wear a white dress. I can’t recall what I wore to my Confirmation, but I know it was dressy.

Hope this helps. God bless you. :slight_smile:

I wore black jeans, a red shirt and a white cardigan when I was confirmed in 2014. I think I’d googled the colours for the Holy Spirit and ended up with red and white.

Men: Shirt and tie

Women a Dress

Are the ideal:)

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Sounds really nice and ideal !

The RCIA team will help in the matter. The only caveat: if you will be baptized by full immersion, you will need to change into your “Sunday” clothes for the rest of the Mass. And not to worry about that; most likely they have it all figured out.


But dress nicely:)


I wore a knee length dress. In my experience it’s essentially wedding or christening guest attire, men a shirt and suit and women a reasonably modest dress.