How do I hang a Crucifix on the wall?

I just got a Crucifix a lot like this one

And I am wondering how do I hang it on the all? Whats the proper way?


You can hang a crucifix wherever you like, one possibility is to hang it in your bedroom in view from your bed so that you can contemplate it whenever you are ill and offer up your sufferings in union with Christ.

I found a few answers on CATHOOGLE that should help you:

One of them was to hang it above a doorway to ward off evil spirits.

Hope this helps.



You can get a picture hanging hook.

I just use a nail…forget the hook.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no Canon Law on where or how you should hang a Crucifix.

With that said, we always hang ours facing East :thumbsup:

Well, we have way more than one crucifix in our house but some of the places we have them hung are…over the front door, over the back door, over doorways, on the wall in the hallway, and in sight of our bed. :thumbsup:

Oh, and nice crucifix, btw! :thumbsup:

With a nail… where ever you want.

I hang ours beside the doorway, high enough so that the little ones can’t reach it, but low enough to touch as you leave the room or the house. I think it is your preference as where to hang it.
God Bless

Maybe this is a dumb question… I am trying to get a crucifix to hang in every room of the house, including bathrooms and the laundry room. I want to get (in addition) some small ones to hang over doorways. Now my question is this… when it comes to the front and back doors, do I hang the crucifix above the door INSIDE the house or OUTSIDE the house? Thanks in advance!

Inside. No dumb questions except the one you don’t ask.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

As my husband isn’t Catholic I try not to overwhelm him!

We have two crucifixes in the house, one in the hall beside the front door (which was a gift to us on our wedding from my Granny and is a beautiful silver crucifix) it’s hung with a picture nail and DH hung it there, if I had done it there is a distinct possibility it would be on the floor by now!

The other is in a display cabinate in our dinng room, along with my beautiful Holy Family Lladro‘holy-family’-handmade-porcelain-re-deco-figurine-detail-10824526 I love this and (before little hands arrived) would bring it out at Christmas and give it pride of place on my mantle place. Maybe when the little hands are a bit bigger I can bring it out of its safe place again!

We keep ours over the bed. One over every bed in the house. Also one in the entry, living room and kitchen.