How do I thank people for having Masses said?

My mother-in-law passed away several weeks ago and we have received notifications that several people have made donations to have a Mass said in her memory. We need to send thank-you notes, but I do not know what the proper wording should be in these notes. Can you help me?

The basic rules for thank-you notes are as follows:

  • Do not use notecards with the preprinted words “Thank You.” (If you need to use notecards, get ones that do not have writing on the outside, are blank inside, and are as non-cutesy as possible.)
  • Open with some sort of sentiment about the other person.
  • Express gratitude for the gift or kindness given, but do not start the note with “Thank you for the [insert gift or kindness].”
  • Refer in some way to the relationship you have with the other person.
    A sample thank-you to a friend for having had a Mass said for the repose of a soul might read as follows:

Dear Jane,

Your presence at Mom’s funeral was such a comfort to us and we know how much your friendship over the years meant to Mom. We want to thank you for the Mass you arranged to have said for the repose of Mom’s soul at Our Mother of Sorrows Parish. Knowing that she will be remembered in the prayers of the Church fills us with hope that she will soon see our Lord face to face in heaven. Your friendship will always mean so much to our family and we hope to see you and your family soon. God bless.