How long do you let the candles burn?

Hi everyone!

I have several prayer candles that I light at home, such as Saint Jude, Our lady of Guadalupe etc. Is there a traditional time having said the prayer and lighting the candle to leave it lit? These are the tall candles in the glass container.


I remember when my mother passed away, I light the prayer candle in front of her picture day and night 24 hours for 100 days.

I put them out when I’m done my prayer, but I guess there are probably people who leave them lit.

Well, I don’t think there is any “rule”.

I’d say, since the purpose of the lit candle is to remind us of our prayer, so every time we see it we offer a thought or prayer, that you should light it as long as you wish. I think the ones you describe last about 4-5 days. I know a local parish will light a candle for seven days at the request of a parishioner.

Ok now for my fireman side! Be careful with them, I have heard some of the candles like the ones you describe have had the glass shatter from the heat (they’re $1 candles so not great quality). Make sure it’s done place where it won’t start a fire if the glass breaks and it falls over. I have also heard some of the wicks contain lead and other household pollutants, I don’t know for sure , but if you burn candles a lot in your home maybe look into them to make sure they are safe.

I also light candles for prayers, but put them out afterward to avoid any chance of a fire starting in the house. I also light large candles (in glass containers) for the Anniversary of my dear Spouse’s death anniversary, burn them all day, but put them out when I go to bed.

Mama used to used these when she made her daily holy hour at 3 PM. She lit them for the hour while she prayed, and then blew them out when the hour was up.
Like the others have said, sometimes people bring them to the Church, particularly for Marian feasts, and Father does not like then to remain lit for any huge length of time due to the possibility that the glass may burst. There is a huge different between the grocery store kind and the 7 days candles that one can buy for church use and sanctuary lamps.
You can buy those cheaply from Autom though, if you like to leave them on, with precautions, as the fireman said.

I second that!! I usually buy them cheaply, and on the one day a year when I burn them for about 10 - 12 hours, I check the heat of the glass frequently. If they get really hot, I blow them out, light a fresh one, and don’t move the hot one until it cools down. Taking one of these inexpensive candles from a table (which should be protected by a metal or wooden coaster or shield on wood furniture) to a cool or cold surface (such as a kitchen counter or dining table) can cause them to burst right then! Even though the flame is out, the hot glass can injure you at worst, and at best you’ll have a lot of broken glass to clean up, dangerous to children, pets and adults!

I did something stupid once, lighting several candles on the brick mantle over our fireplace insert woodstove. The heat from the fireplace melted the candles and the paraffin on the top of the stove went up in flames. Thank God for the extinguisher and a prompt fire department!

I love candles very much but I watch them now VERY carefully.

I think you can leave them lit 24/7. Just be sure they are in an appropriate container, not near a draft and can’t be knocked over.

I usually only light candles when I am home as I am to afraid of fire.