How long was the Virgin Mary's preganancy?

I remember someone once jokenly saying how she would’nt mind being pregnant for a few months like Mary was.I think that person thought that Mary’s pregnancy only lasted from the time of the Annuciation to the birth of Jesus.That made me think how in (some?) Orthodox Christian religions Christmas is celebrated early on in the year (like in March I think?).Are there any historical documents that say how long Mary was pregnant for?.I’m just curious thank you very much for your time.

There are no such documents, but the Church depicts it as full-term. The feast of the Annunciation is 25 March and nine months to the day is Christmas.

(Ditto the Immaculate Conception and Nativity of Our Lady.)

Mary’s time was 9 months, just like all humans. The annunciation was on March 25 and, of course, the Birth of Christ was on December 25. Count them, 9 months.

And St. John the Baptist is 6 months older than Jesus…

His feast day is June 24, 6 months before Christmas.

It did last from the Annunciation to the birth of Jesus.

The Annunciation is celebrated on March 25 and Christmas on December 25. Nine months.

It could be that this person was confused and thinking of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, which is only a few weeks before Christmas. :shrug:

But yes, of course Mary had a normal pregnancy. :slight_smile:

It is important to note that the church makes no claim that the dates which the great feasts are celebrated are the exact dates which the events they celebrate actually happened.


Although Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, this is not when Jesus was born. If you check out this link you will get some insight as to the history of the celebration of Christ’s BD.

This could be it. Many confuse the Immaculate Conception with the Virgin Birth.

I’ve always found it a little strange that the Gospel reading that day is the story of Jesus’ conception even though we’re celebrating Mary’s. Maybe that contributes to the misunderstanding.

The Greek Orthodox celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December, some Armenians celebrate on January 6, and the Russian Orthodox celebrate it on January 7, but I can’t think of anybody who celebrates it earlier than December 25. So I am not sure what your friend was thinking of.