How much do you have to know in order to teach RCIA

I would like to be more involved in some way with the Church and use my talents and time more effectively for the Lord. I was thinking that I may want to teach RCIA since I have an interest in reading about the doctrines of the faith, history of the church, apologetics, etc… I never went to RCIA b/c I raised Catholic so I don’t know what the classes are like and how much/what a person needs to know in order to be an effective teacher.


I can’t say too much about the structure at your parish, however I am in Inquiry (the first part) at Lady of Lourdes. In Raleigh.

Jo is the Leader, Moderator, Teacher, Boss Lady, But for the Inquiry only I think. She’s been in RCIA a long time and has others who are also in it to help. These folks change from week to week, and unless introduced, you would think they were students like us.

Most of them have been a Sponsor to some new catholic at one time or another, so that might be a place to start. Duties I believe are to hold the new catholics hand as they cross the street! Through the Introduction to how it all works. I do not have mine yet, but he’ll probably be chosen for me as I have no Catholic contact of my own. I can’t wait till I’m adopted.

The Catechism starts soon and I think the Head of Faith Formation will teach, says she’s not a theologian…but I’m thinking she’s humble.

All that to say the entry level is to be interested enough to sponsor a puppy, like me. Or to attend the class yourself and when you introduce yourself tell them why you came!
Contact the Head of Faith formation to see when/ where.

I can speak little more, but I wanted to share…Yours in Christ, EMC

bless you, bless you, bless you by all means speak to your pastor or DRE they are waiting for you.

the same qualifications for any catechist apply to RCIA, so find out what they are in your parish or diocese.

My strong suggestion specifically for RCIA is that you volunteer as a sponsor for one complete liturgical cycle and go through the process through Baptism and the other sacraments, including Mystagogy, with your candidate. There is simply no better way to learn the process, which is as essential as the doctrinal knowledge.

Essential is a strong lived faith including continuing conversion, an active sacramental and prayer life, and a love for Christ and his Church especially as you meet them in the members–and prospective members–of her. You must read and pray with scripture daily, as should all catechists.

We can teach you what you need to know about doctrine but we cannot give you faith and practice of the faith. That is the beautiful gift you bring and share.

[quote=puzzleannie;8193318 an active sacramental and prayer life

I do not have this right now. Thank you for your response.

this year we have resolved to concentrate on our own spiritual development as catechists even more than continuing education on doctrine or teaching methods, we all came to the conclusion in our evaluations this is what we need more than anything.

Don’t let that hold you back!! Make a good confession and attempt to pray every day, and you’re well on your way. The best thing I ever did for my faith was teach it to someone else. Offer to be a sponsor for someone as puzzleannie suggested. Sponsoring is one of the best gifts you can give to a convert, to yourself, and to the church! Go for it!