How Much To Give Priest For Blessing Of House?

I was wondering what the typical amount would be to give for a house blessing? I don’t want to look cheap, lol! Thoughts?

20% of gross annual income.

We always had the priest stay for dinner when he was through blessing the house. If he couldn’t, my parents would give him about $40.

I agree on dinner as the correct amount. So if you can’t have him to dinner, give the equivalent of a nice dinner out. :smiley:


I’ve given a bottle of wine, as well. You can give some sort of gift. Don’t fret about it.

Why do we have to pay for a priest to bless a house?

I am not used to this giving of money for spiritual matters. I can understand the dinner.

You do not have to pay for a priest to bless the house. It is merely a gratuity for his time and effort, it is not for the blessing. There is no charge for a blessing, the priest would do it anyway. It is just a nice gesture to give the priest something.

Also, many priests do not keep the money, but instead donate it to charity, but he may keep it if he wishes, it is up to him. My former pastor (may he RIP) used to keep money stuffed in his pockets, and when he heard of someone needing help, he would reach in and pull out some money to give to them. He was very generous with his money.

It’s just a nice thing to do. The bottle of wine would work. I bet no priest would accept money.


It’s called a stipend.

This article will explain the idea to you. Although it’s specifically about Mass Offerings/Stipends, it covers across the board.

It’s a donation, give what you can, even if you just cook him dinner he will be grateful! They do not expect anything for it

A nice dinner?

Thanks for all the replies! Since our priest is on a schedule and blessing other homes, then I will just give him an envelope and some cookies. :slight_smile:

Side note…The one other time I had our house blessed that particular priest would not take the money.

Some don’t, others do keep it for themselves (to live off), put it into the parish funds or even give it to charity. It caries Priest to Priest, as they understand it as a donation, so they can refuse to take it (they may even advise you where you can put the money instead of giving it to them, I do recommend a charity like Caritas which is a Catholic Charity).

I have always had a dinner and 50-100 dollars available to a priest for doing this. Albeit, thus far I have only had to do this twice. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never had a priest reject a gift…

Giving money to the priest is you just showing appreciation for the priest for doing his work. You are not paying for the blessing, but just showing appreciation. I’m pretty sure most priests do not expect much on stipend if at all, but its the usual way to show your appreciation to the time and effort he gave to do this for you.

I mean, if you don’t want to give the priest money for blessing your house, maybe you shouldn’t give money in the collection basket. I mean, its like paying for Mass, right? :shrug:

At what other occasions are monetary gifts given?

I have heard at confirmation. Any other occasions?

House Blessing
House Mass
Sick Call
Every time you request a Mass to be said.
First Communion

Think of it this way, every time we go to church we put money in the basket. There is no requirement for a stipend. If you can’t give money, do what you can, or do something later, if and when you can. Generally, it’s usually things that surround solemn occasions.

The priest isn’t going to shake you down for money. Many times, priests use whatever money accepted for the poor collection anyway. If he drove to your house, it’s nice to reimburse him for the gas it took him to get there, for example. It’s just to cover the cost of what was needed to get to you, and, in terms of a Mass, the cost of the Mass Card (if you take one) and pretty much the cost of the gifts needed to celebrate the Eucharist.

It’s an act of oblation.

If you contribute regularly to the Parish, why isn’t the money taken out of those funds?

I know I need to leave it alone, but I would hate for someone to need a sick call and then feel pressured to have money. I know the priest will never ask, but what if the person doesn’t have any money? So now they’re stressed about the sick relative and also embarrassed about not having anything to give.

Many times, priests use whatever money accepted for the poor collection anyway

Isn’t the poor collection for the poor?

Actually, per the 1983 Code of Canon Law it is called an “offering” not a stipend.