Human life is factored into profit & loss projections

All Americans should read Gerry Spence’s book “With Justice for None”.

It is about how corporations get away with things ordinary people cannot.

When an ordinary person does wrong, he is called a criminal… When a corporation does wrong, it gets a slap on the wrist at best…

The Ford Pinto issue: The co. knew an $11. device would make the vehicle safe. They knew people would die in their cars if they didn’t add it. But they figured they would make more money putting the car on the mkt anyway… The lawsuits from wrongful death would cost them less than putting the device on each car…

Pretty pathetic… :mad:

i used to not like Fords because they are no good… Now i have a better reason not to buy them… :frowning: :dts:

Ford is also a big Supporter of the Homosexual agenda…:mad:

very old news, so it doesn’t go in the news forum, and what does this have to do with evangelization? the pinto episode was from the 70s. should this be in social justice?

Thank you so much for that info… I didn’t know that…


It wasn’t old news to me… I didn’t know Ford deliberately refused to fix the Pinto (& for such a small cost), knowing that that decision would end up taking people’s lives.

The co. personnel responsible for that decision are murderers -and as such, they should be in prison for life… (like an individual would be… or worse…)

Parenthetically… It has to do with Evangelization because we Catholics are trying to - or hopefully trying to - make the world more Catholic.
A Catholic executive at Ford would not have made that kind of decision… (etc…).
God bless…
Hope you’re having a better day today…

And if a lawyer says it, it has to be true, right?:stuck_out_tongue:

Remember the Dalcon Shield? The company was driven out of business by lawers – and even Bill Clinton’s Surgeon General admitted there was no proof of wrongdoing – or even a statisticaly significant instance of toxic shock syndrome.

But the lawyers got rich. And what did the plaintiffs get? Bupkis!

Sorry - but i don’t believe anything that comes from the likes of Bill Clinton, Mr. Baby Killer.:mad: :signofcross:

… also: Speak for yourself. I’m neither fat nor out of breath… :rolleyes:

So you believe lawyers are good, because you don’t believe anything that comes from the likes of Bill Clinton – who is a lawyer?:smiley:

Frankly i don’t believe anything that doesn’t come from the Church!

Well, that’s not even totally accurate… I don’t believe ALL of what priests or nuns or any other mere human being connected to the Church says… I mean, i don’t believe it automatically & without question… and neither should anyone else…

Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley, He had to walk it by himself… (as that lovely song says).

And so do WE. :eek: :frowning:

Or - as that old Moody Blues song says:

“Cold-hearted orb that rules the night [Satan??]… removes the colors from our sight: Red is gray and yellow, white… but WE decide which is right… and which is an illusion…”:o

Then why would you cite a lawyer in a discussion like this?

Why not? Others are “cited” here all the time…

Was there not a comment about only believing the Church?:stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s another lawyer:

  1. From in or about January 1989, and continuing to in or about March 1994, in the Eastern District of Arkansas, and elsewhere, WEBSTER LEE HUBBELL, defendant herein, devised, intended to devise and knowingly participated in a scheme to defraud and to obtain money and property from
    the Rose Law Firm and its members, and from the Firm’s clients, including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Resolution Trust Corporation, by means of false and fraudulent pretenses and representations, well knowing that the pretenses and representations would be and were false and fraudulent when made, which scheme is further described in the following paragraphs.

Webster Lee Hubbell was a lawyer who stole from his clients. He pled guilty to this charge – and was honored by the American Bar Association afterwards by being asked to speak at their annual convention in Atlanta!!

(I guess they hoped to pick up some tips from him about how to steal from their clients.):wink:

Because, after a “perpondernace of the evidence”, namely the facts as presented by mr. Gerry Spence, i have come to the conclusion that his comments (etc) are valid. No, i don’t believe everything he says (automatically or otherwise). He isn’t Catholic (yet??), which makes him less than 100% creidble in my mind, but then, we would never read a darned thing if we had to confirm it’s 100% reliability, absolutely and “infallibly”, would we??

So what is your problem?? :shrug:

So you admit you read only what Gerry Spense said? You considered nothing written by people who disagree with him?

Did he KNOW he was stealing from his clients?? What was his intention? Were all the charges against him proven? Did he repent??

Just because someone has done a wrong in the past, doesn’t mean he/she is a total loser NOW… and furthermore, why should all his experience in the law go to waste just because of that one sinful thing he did??
We humans are so judmental…
There is saying in AA, something about “contempt before prior investigation…”
And no matter how much we humans “investigate”, we will never know everything about any given person (motives, circumstances, etc…).
And we will never become anything remotely like Jesus Christ Incarnate…
He (remember??) is the One who is our Judge…

i haven’t heard of anyone who disagreed with him.

You really should not take one sentence in a Post out of context like that. It really shows immaturity…:frowning:

you think? just the way a “Catholic” politician would not support the pro-death agenda?

The very reason you and others should read the book “With Justice for None”. He talks about lawyers making money off corporate corruption, etc…