I believe in reincarnation

Does that make me not Catholic? I was born a roman catholic. I had the sacraments of baptism, communion, penance and confirmation. How can you tell me that my soul will not be reborn again.

You are Catholic, but you can turn away from your Christianity. Christianity precludes reincarnation.

Did the Catholic Church ever include incarnation in its doctrines, or Traditions?

Did it say anything against it? Did Jesus say anything about it?

Yes, the Catholic Church teaches against reincarnation:

Catechism of the Catholic Church 1013: Death is the end of man’s earthly pilgrimage, of the time of grace and mercy which God offers him so as to work out his earthly life in keeping with the divine plan, and to decide his ultimate destiny. When “the single course of our earthly life” is completed,we shall not return to other earthly lives: “It is appointed for men to die once.” There is no “reincarnation” after death.

Grace and Peace,

Reincarnation presupposes a superficial connection between the soul and the body. It also presupposes the eternal existence of the soul prior to the inhabiting of the body or bodies for that matter. This is at odds with the continuity which the Christian Church teaches concerning the ensouled body of the embodied soul. Seriously reflect on this teaching of reincarnation and speak to a priest about it.

Peace and God Bless.

Whose to say that we die? If our soul is reborn how can it die? It mentions earthly life, does the church say anything against other lifeforms?

Focus on one thing at a time!

As stated in the Catechism, we have only one soul. That soul, once the end of life comes, is bound to eternal life with the Father, or is doomed to Hell. No second chances - no coming back.

If you are speaking of rebirth as it is told in the Bible, Christ not only speaks about natural birth, but the rebirth of souls as new creatures in God by the wiping away of our sins at Baptism. We are also asked to be reborn each day towards loving and serving the Lord.

The Church hasn’t made any definitive statements regarding other life forms (ie aliens, etc.) but that should not be taken as the Church condoning this belief.

Death is the separation of body and soul, souls are immaterial and therefore immortal.

In order for reincarnation to occur, the body and soul must separate, and the person has to die. Since “it is appointed to men to die once” at least multiple reincarnations are excluded.

But, reincarnation is completely ruled out by the teaching of the Church in various ways, for example:

1)our identity, which is derived from the composition of both body (this body) and soul.
2)the particular judgment, which occurs at the moment of our death, whereby our souls proceed immediately to Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven.
3)the resurrection of the body, whereby at the end of time our souls are reunited to our bodies*.

*All three teachings of the church exclude reincarnation. It is incompatible with Catholic theology.


That is what I would like to know. Did any early Church Fathers ever say anything about it? I had HEARD that at one time reincarnation was accepted in the early church. I asked a priest about this one time and he got so angry he wouldn’t answer me.

The only way to learn is by asking questions, or reading and hopefully getting answers. What is the Jewish take on reincarnation, anyone know? Thanks.

Yes, for example you can read some here.

Boy, that St. Gregory of Nyssa didn’t mince words, did he?


Yes, we have one soul I agree with that but whose to say our soul cannot be bound to different systems of life and then die?

Is there any bible scriptures or proof to what you are saying? Are you basing death on a dictionary definition or spiritual?

Sure, all three examples I gave above are found in numerous places in scripture. Perhaps the easiest way for you to explore that area would be to read about the soul, **judgment, **and **resurrection **in the Catholic Catechism, or the Catholic Encyclopedia.

They both should have numerous scripture citations.


Thanks. I must have heard somewhere about Origen’s belief of the pre-existence of souls before birth. St. Gregory of Nyssa, frogs, and bushes, and jackdaws, oh my.

I can’t tell you anything on my own, I can only tell you what God has revealed through Christ and His Church. We believe in the resurrection of the body, that each person is created unique, body and soul, in the image of God, that body and soul will be reunited at the end of time and spend eternity either in the glory of heaven united with God, experienced–body and soul–all the happiness that implies; or separated from God in hell, suffering all the torments of body and soul that separation implies.

God has revealed the idea of reincarnation to no one, it is a human fantasy dreamed up by human minds.

Re-incarnation is not the same as incarnation. Incarnation is the act on the part of Jesus Christ in taking on a human body for the purpose of accomplishing his saving mission on earth. Re-incarnation is the foolish belief that when a person dies, at some point that soul assumes another different body. It is entirely opposed to Christian teaching because it denies the revealed truth that all humans are unique individuals, created body and soul for eternity. by extension it denies the dignity and beauty of the human body, and the essential nature of the human person.

you cannot be reborn in a new body, because you have already been reborn in Baptism, and because of your baptism, whenever, after your death, your body and soul are rejoined and glorified, you have the right to live in eternity in the presence of God, if you so choose.

Makes sense. So you’re saying that many religions are fantasies based on what you wrote?

I am saying that many humans–individuals or societies-- have fantasized, made up from whole cloth, or have undergone what they interpreted as supernatural experiences which in fact have natural explanations, and from these have extrapolized their own version of god or gods, divinities and religious systems based on these beliefs. Only God has revealed the truth, beginning with his revelation to the Hebrews people, who are the Chosen People because they were chosen to receive this revelation, and culminating in the person of Jesus Christ who completes Divine Revelation in himself.

an excellent post before me by puzzleannie, but also, what you have to understand is, this life is a test, we are here to prove ourselves to God so we can go to be with Him for all eternity, and that is the only purpose in life.

what would be the point of reincarnation when this life is a test? how does it play a part in Gods plan at all? why be tested only to have to do it over again?
and why would anyone who loves God want to live this life over again? wouldn’t it be cruel to have to go back, after waiting so long to be with Him?
God wouldn’t do that,
and if it’s hell we deserve, then we will not receive Gods mercy, we will only face either Gods wrath, or hell.

Doesn’t God give second chances? What does loving God have to do with living life all over again? Aren’t we with God right now? God is everywhere around us, so how can you say you have to wait for him?