I do not need the Church, all I need is Jesus Christ." -Unknown Protestant

How many of you Catholics have heard some Protestants saying this statement, “I do not need the Church, all I need is Jesus?” I also like to add that some Caferia Catholics have also made this claim.

Anyways, I see no Biblical basis for this concept. How can a Christian separate Jesus and his Church? Is not the Church the Bride of Christ, not to mention, the Bride of Christ, and Body of Christ?

For Catholics, how would you respond?

For Non-Catholic, do you believe that you do not need the Church, and all you need is Jesus, or do some of you think that you cannot separate Christ and His Church?

To seperate Jesus Christ from His Body is gnosticism. For the Scriptures say “His Body, that is, the Church.” You cannot seperate God and the Church. Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, must have a Body, or else He is not God Incarnate. So if Christ dose not have a Church, than He is not God Incarnate. But we who are members of His Body, incorporated into Him by Baptism, know that God, from the moment of the Incarnation, had a Body and that His Body is His Church, and that the Church is the Body of Christ, so that there can be no division between God and His People; nothing, therefore, can seperate us from Him, neither death nor angels nor heights nor depths. But those who say “Jesus had no body, He was only a spirit” or “Jesus had no Sonship, He was only a man” do not believe, and some of them attempt to tear Jesus’ Body just as He was torn on the Cross, His limbs having to be stretched out to an excruciating degree so they could reach the places where the nails were to be driven into the wood. Perhaps, though, they knew that God and the Church are inseperable, and, perhaps because of this, they try to destroy us.

With the exception of a chosen few–and there are stories about them in Christian history–would ANYBODY have ANY knowledge of Christ without the church (howsoever this word is definied) being involved in some way?

You wouldn’t even have the Bible without the Church.

If you separate a head from a body, there is no life in either.

It comes from the evangelical concept of a ‘personal relationship’ with Jesus, which is modern terminology. Our relationship with Jesus is intensely personal. That is true, but it is not exclusive.
Paul said ‘Christ in you, the hope of Glory’. In the Greek that Paul used it is plural, not singular. It should read ‘Christ in YOU ALL, the hope of Glory.’ The Church is not made up of isolated individuals, but members of the mystical body of Christ Himself. Paul said we are “members one to another”.
Jesus said: ‘where two or three are gathered in My Name, there am I in the midst of them.’ In the company of other Christians, we lay hold of the Lord and His abiding presence. It is in corporate worship that this is seen the greatest.

For an Evangelical Protestant, you hit the mark. You stated that the Church members is part of Mystical body of Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church affirms this in her belief and it is mentioned in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Correct me if I am wrong, I think you are one of the Protestant who do not believe in the statement, “I do not need the Church, all I need is Jesus Christ.”

Logically true. Without the Church there would be no Bible at all.

I’m not Protestant.

Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

Just kidding… :thumbsup:


This was my belief in my recent past. I was a Baptist, but I had encountered so many practices and teachings in my previous two churches that I had become disillusioned by church. I quit going to church because I saw a great disparity between what I read in the Bible and what I saw in practice in the church. My belief then became,“Look at how Jesus treated the common people and you will see the true Church.”
I am now a candidate in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church makes sense to me. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it say that the doctrines of the Catholic Church are biblical and what I saw in the Baptist Church were not biblical.
Perhaps people who make the statement that they don’t need the church, have not looked honestly at the Catholic Church. That includes Catholics. As an adult “convert” I am coming into the Catholic Church with eyes wide open. I have examined all the traditional differences between Catholic and Protestant churches. Such as the Eucharist and Apostolic authority from Peter down to the present Pope. The Catholic teachings make perfect sense to me and I now believe that I have finally found the one true Church.

Oh, that’s okay. When I was a fundamentalist I never considered myself Protestant, as most do not. :smiley:
I think there is a touch of western thinking it this as well. The individualistic ‘John Wayne’ approach to christianity.


Curtis, welcome home! You know, I’m a cradle Catholic, and I still fell like I have a lot to learn about my cherished Faith.

If someone tells me they’re only influenced by their relationship with Jesus and by nothing else, my response would be a leap of faith in His influence over them. “Do everything He tells you to do.”