I feel sorry for folks that take their views to the point of insulting others

Just remember were all supposed to be Christians here. Insulting someone just because they don’t agree with your opinion isn’t very Christian. :cool:

Agreed. Unfortunately pride tends to corrupt most people’s good intentions about admonishing sinners.

Do you know that people who start insulting are shy people?

unfortunatly i’ve done this a few times, so a big sorry to all i have insulted over my time here. i probably have deleted nearly as often as ive posted at this stage after thinking about my replies

Guilty here as well:

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this is funny! :thumbsup:

Are you referring to a thread on this forum, OP?

lies!!! im shy and i dont insult people, only my close friends :wink:

Women have a hard time explaining what they mean. They say “bread” but they intend to say “butter” and they get angry because men understand that “bread” is “bread”.

It’s not our fault that men can’t listen;)

What did you say? I wasn’t listening…:slight_smile:

I tried to start a conversation with my wife this morning but only dead air as my wife typed on her computer.

So - it goes both ways…

I definitely don’t understand the “shy” people comment. I’m shy and I don’t go around insulting people or forcing my beliefs on them.

I’m guilty of it as well. :frowning:

99% of the time though, I insult as a self defense mechanism after being insulted/attacked/judged by someone else myself. Not that that’s any excuse though, I just have to learn to turn the other cheek.

Too funny!

Yeah, it doesn’t help matters when I sit there reading a post through my own emotions instead of trying to read it neutrally. It is so easy to put a wrong “feel” to what someone types on the internet…it would be nice if it were practical enough to actually HEAR each other say things instead of just reading it.

I’m on here often and I rarely see a blatant insult such as "Wow you are so…(insert insulting term) and If I do I report them.

That’s the thing though. It’s hardly ever THAT blatant. It’s more of a passive aggressive type thing - but just as poisonous.

Really, I don’t see much of that either…but since it is an internet forum, where there is just written comments, with no facial expressions, no vocal clues, I guess it is difficult to determine the intent.

Is the intent to insult or is it to tell the truth about something, that comes out poorly written and/or poorly understood?

I know for me, if I want to insult someone I like the direct approach, not subtle innuendo.:smiley: *

** Please note this phrase is meant to be taken in a comical fashion and has no intent to insult any CAF reader, member or lurker. *

I think if your taking things too seriosuly it shows more on you than it does the poster.

If forums bother you so that much take up another hobby! :wink:

I like the disclaimer Mary Gail included! Maybe a disclaimer should be included in everyone’s post like medications!

Disclaimer: Posts are not what they may appear to be. A feeling in “being insulted” may result, but these feelings are not intentional. No insults are intended, whether overt or subtle. If routinely feeling insulted, slowly back away from computer until feeling subsides. If symptoms persist, please consult a priest or pursue another hobby.

Haha! :thumbsup:


Seems that schools no longer teach debate or critical thinking, we have devolved into a generation that has no idea that someone can have opposing views, differing opinions, express them strongly and it not be “judging” or “insulting”.

I pray we bring back a more rounded form of education.