I have forgot how to start my confession?!?

When i got into the confession box yesterday,i went blank,and forgot what to say to begin with?..i dont mean my sins,i mean the bit before!
Any help?
Im so embarrassed about forgetting!:o

Sign of the Cross

Father Bless me for I have sinned, it has been X days/weeks/months since my last confession…

Is that what you ment? You can ALWAYS ask the priest, they don’t mind helping :slight_smile:

yes thats it,thanks for the help: )

You don’t even have to start that way anymore. You don’t have to say “Bless me, Father…”, but you can if you want. At least that is in the Pacific NW, maybe it’s different where you live.

and a great way to let the priest know that you are done…
… father for these sins and the sins i have forgotten i ask God’s forgiveness, your absolution, and pennace to help right the wrongs that i have done…

While it is wonderful if you have a confession form, the better thing to do when you go blank is talk to the priest in the confessional. Father, I don’t remember how to begin my confession, but I am here today in the hope that I will receive forgiveness for my sins. I can guarantee you, your confessor will walk you through the rest of your confession most readily God bless you for returning home fully so you can receive the wonderful graces offered by the confessional.

In my experience, I think saying how long its been since your last confession is helpful. It helps let the priest know where you are at spiritually. If you are going to confession pretty regularly the priest will know you are trying to get over your patterns of sin.

God Bless,