“I realized that I had killed two of my own kids”

International conference on how abortion affects men held in San Francisco

For decades, the policies and passions concerning abortion have centered on women. Although males are biologically and relationally half of the baby-making equation, abortion’s impact on men has been socially invisible.

Now a growing number of researchers, counselors, and clinical practitioners are uncovering overwhelming evidence that men can experience guilt and distress over the abortion of a child.

As reported in The Catholic Voice, newspaper of the Diocese of Oakland, this testimony was heard over and over again at a first-ever international gathering on men and abortion at San Francisco’s St. Mary’s Cathedral on Nov. 28-29, co-sponsored by the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the Knights of Columbus in San Francisco.

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It took almost 35 years to realize men have feelings about abortion? That’s a little insulting.

In my case, it was going to happen with or without me driving her there.

I literally can’t remember if I was 17 or 18, due to the constant depression, drinking, and realization that hell was awaiting me now.

I remember going to confession about 5 years later, but not believing I was forgiven.

yeah, I’d say it has an effect on men.

Abortion hurts everyone involed at some point. Unforchentally that “point” can be an eternity in hell for some people.

God forgave you, now you need to forgive yourself. God Bless you.