If I go to a Catholic wedding on Saturday should I still go to mass on Sunday?

Does a Saturday Wedding (Catholic) count as church. I know it sounds silly to ask but you are recieving the euchorist.

I’m going on Saturday and really don’t want to fall into sin if I am supposed to go to church on Sunday too.

Thanks and God Bless

Go on Saturday and Sunday.

To be a valid vigil Mass, one that is equivalent to going on Sunday, it must start after 4pm and the readings must be from the lectionary for that Sunday.

not true please see Michelle Arnolds answer to this question on AAA earlier today.

no matter what the readings, or what the purpose of the Mass–wedding, funeral, ordination, anticipated Sunday celebration–if it takes place after the time in the afternoon your bishop has designated, it “counts” for the Sunday obligation.

you are not required to receive Eucharist in any case, so that is not a determining factor. What may be a problem however is that nowdays so many weddings, especially where one partner is not Catholic, take place outside Mass, even if communion is distributed, so be sure it is an actual Mass.

What objection go you have to going to church 2 days in a row?

The general rule is that if the Mass is after 4pm on Saturday it meets your Sunday obligation. Note that you can always do MORE than the minimum obligation, so attending on Sunday morning might also be good, but not mandatory if the Mass is late enough on Saturday.

I agree with previous posters -

If the Wedding Mass (if it is a true Mass) is after 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, it is a Vigil Mass and counts as your obligation; but, (and here is the BIG BUT)

why do you have a problem with going to Mass again on Sunday?:shrug: :signofcross:

If you are ever not sure, just go twice. :slight_smile:

The point is, we are only obligated to attend Mass once between the designated time (generally 4 pm Saturday) and midnight Sunday. Certainly one can go twice, but don’t try to make the OP feel guilty for “only” fulfilling his/her obligation, which a wedding Mass indeed does.

Lemme say something.

The OP is going to Mass on Saturday. Okay, fine. But go to Mass on Sunday too if you can, don’t make Saturday your ‘Sunday’ just because it’s ok. Go on Saturday, and make that your Saturday Mass. Go on Sunday, that’s your Sunday Mass!

Seems to me I remember hearing that a Saturday evening wedding mass was required to use the scripture readings from that Sunday’s lectionary, or the vigil mass readings if they are different from the Sunday readings.

Does anyone know for sure?

My wedding was on a Saturday at noon last month. I asked the priest if it counted for Sunday and he told me yes. He said part of it had to do with being a wedding & Mass. Something about how both are very special.

I’m sure you relied on your priest and that’s a very reasonable thing. However, it doesn’t matter how special the wedding was, it doesn’t “count” for Sunday if it takes place before 4pm. (This is in the US. Other bishops’ conferences may have come up with different times.)