If you are a Christian, what is the real reason for you not being a Catholic? - 3

If you are a Christian, what is the real reason for you not being a Catholic? - 3

Jimmy B. wrote -

Are you ready for some truth; most people don’t like the truth so much?

The reason I asked this question is that I find many Christians somewhat disingenuous when it comes to the real reason or reasons that they are not Catholic or are no longer Catholic.

I feel that many of the Catholic dissenters here who love to quote Bible verses and argue against Catholicism have a personal reason for not being Catholic and not a biblical reason. That is why you can never get anywhere with these people. I have also found this to be true in my real-life contacts and conversations with Catholic dissenters.

For example, a vast majority of people I have met over the years who say that they left the Catholic Church, for this reason or that, it turns out, had no religion in their lives what so ever, for many years.

They didn’t leave the Catholic Church on Sunday to become a “Born-Again” on Monday. They left the Catholic Church on Sunday and became a “Born-Again” twenty or thirty years later.

They left their Faith, turned their back on God and did as they pleased, without guilt, what a life.

They where having “fun” living a promiscuous lifestyle and guess what the guilt finally catches up with them (sin has a way of doing that, don’t you know). They were just full of sin and at the point in which they felt it was time to “go back to church” they discovered that the Roman Catholic Church (actually that God) had a problem with their previous years of bad behavior and now their existed a hurdle or two to overcome and confession can be pretty humbling.

One thing leads to another and before you know it, these same people are now “former Catholics” and bible scholars, not to mention an authority on the Catholic religion, almost over-night. “It’s a miracle!”

It’s not a miracle, it’s disingenuous and hypocritical. Moreover, arguing now against Catholicism is a way for them to have God on their terms instead of His terms and to make them feel better about themselves. There isn’t’ anything wrong with experiencing guilt. We all sin and we all feel guilt, it is the human condition, welcome to life.

Here is some more reality; Many of these “on-fire” Christians who are bound and determined to save all us Catholics, it turns out, if the truth be known, would probably be Catholic today if it wasn’t for the three or four marriages, which occurred in the interim period, during their “non practicing, Christians years”, before they were on fire

I also know of many other personal rather than biblical reasons why many are not Catholic, however there are too many to list here. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my Christian Brothers, but like an alcoholic, you have to admit you have a problem before you can seek a cure.

Why aren’t you Catholic? Tell the truth.

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I am Protestant by default, because I’m not Catholic or Orthodox. But I don’t especially think of myself as Protestant, simply a Christian. I value many Catholic writers (among them G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter Kreeft, Garry Wills, Thomas Merton, Hans Küng and the current Pope). And I think Catholics and/or Orthodox are more correct on some theological issues than the Protestant tradition. Not overall, else I’d convert to one or the other, but they both have some strong points.

So why am I not a Catholic? It pretty much all comes down to one issue: I don’t buy the authority claims of the Catholic Church.

Yet you buy those of your own?

Or none?

When each man becomes his own little ‘church,’ that makes Satan happy, for he was and is the author of rebellion.

My own church is my local Assemblies of God congregation (I joined the local church, not the denomination). It makes no particular claim to authority, other than the authority the pastor has as shepherd of his flock. I think of myself primarily as a member of the universal (catholic if you will, but small-c), invisible church of Christ.

Let’s say I felt I needed to be in a Church in apostolic succession, believing that the One True Church has to be in apostolic succession. And since no Lutheran Bishops from Scandinavia are here in NC (:D), I would then have to leave the Lutheran Church.
Which Church in AS can say that it, and it alone, is the one True Church? And how would I know that it is?


PS: If you think this is off topic Jimmy, let me know.

Without a doubt God showers his graces upon you and the others within your local Assemblies of God church. He loves all of His children. Do you think that He might also want us to be “one”?

At the risk of repeating what I am sure has been stated many times on this forum, I think the following is at least worth considering.

We know that Jesus started a Church, gave it incredible authority (“Keys to the Kingdom”, the power to “bind and loose”) gave the promise of the Holy Spirit to guide it, promised to be with us Himself (institution of the Eucharist at the last supper) and guaranteed that the gates of hell would never prevail agianst it. The language of power and authority is striking in the passages concerning the beginning of the Church:

Example: “Then Jesus approached and said to them 'All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”’

This is Jesus’ Church. He started it and remains with it as its Head. This was not an invisible Church. On the contrary, it was to be very real and He appointed and gave authority to actual men. In order for them to “teach all nations”, there can be no argument that this authority must be passed down to successive generations (apostolic succession). It is, remember, Jesus’ own Church. Much of the world would not be discovered for centuries after the apostles died. Jesus would make sure that His command is carried out.

I would urge you (and everyone else) to consider which Church has any claim to apostolic succession. You must always return at some point to the Catholic Church.
So why would you want to look anywhere else? In my opinion, anyone looking at history with an honest intellect must come to this conclusion. Receiving grace from God is not exclusive to the Catholic Church. But He wants to give you so much more, His very self, body, blood, soul and divinity. That is how He remains with us always, “untilt the end of the age”, His second coming. You should at least investigate. What do you have to lose?

The real reason for me, historically, is that the majority of my Catholic friends led very…loose…lives. And many of the priests I’ve met are greatly influenced by 20th-century liberal theology, which is something I want no part of. They claimed to be the Apostolic Church, but their real-life emphases had little in common with the Apostles and the Fathers. Note that these are massive generalizations; but since you asked the “real reason,” that’s my real reason. I’ve had a really tough time believing that the current Catholic Church has much to do with the Early Church because there’s precious little evidence in the lives of my friends and in some of the teachings of their priests, and yet I realize that they don’t define Catholicism. But they define local Catholicism. What’s a seeker to do? :cool:

I guess I’m looking for the Church of the Martyrs and of the great Saints, and part of me wishes that all her Faithful acted like the Martyrs and Saints did. Perhaps that’s unrealistic. It certainly indicates, though, that I’m looking for a higher standard among the Catholic Church than I do for Protestants. And maybe it also indicates that, deep down, I recognize that the Church is something larger and deeper than my own church, and that its Truth cannot be overcome by wild-living parishioners or hippie priests with bad theology.

I guess I wish I could be Catholic. I love to read Patristic theologians, and they make no allowance for schism. Neither does Scripture. Hmm…

Looking at it in my school. Just plain Christian kids are “cooler” than being Mormon, Catholic, Protestant ect… its sad when people classify themselves as something they may or not be just to be cool. I have a strong feeling what I just said contradicted what I said but thats how its taught in this part of England… Norfolk cough

I thought Catholics believed in Christ so doesn’t that make us Christian/Catholic? Along with the others that believe in Christ?

Thank you so much for these comments. I hope you don’t mind but I am a youth minister and would like to use them in my next class. The importance of living out our faith, putting flesh on the words of the gospel, cannot be overemphasized. Pope John Paul, II said that the greatest enemy of Christianity is Christians. Our lives make a statement much louder than our words and when we do not walk the walk, we weaken the faith of those around us. However, the truth within the Church remains, regardless of how many do not live it out. Don’t turn your back on the truth because other do.

As far as the liberal clergy, I couldn’t agree more, but they are being weeded out slowly but surely. The priests coming out of the seminaries in the last ten years are some of the holiest, well educated and faithful men I have ever met. It is very exciting.

Oh wow! If I said anything that would be helpful to the youth, by all means use it. :o You’re definitely right about the recent upward trend in the priesthood, and God has helped me mature to the point where I can see the Church for what it is rather than what I thought it was based on personal experience. But many folks base their own concepts totally on what they see and experience, so you’re right about the witness of the Christian life! As for me, time to keep praying and asking for wisdom and discernment!

The reason I am not a Catholic is because of thr authority that is there. Plus the infallibilty of the Pope. I just cannot agree with all the chuch says is true.

But Peace if you do and God be with you

Ask and you shall receive! :thumbsup:

Jimmy B, You sound really angry and quite frankly judgemental and yes a bit offensive.Some of us excatholics actually did seek a Church to fellowship in straight away, after seeking help from the Catholic Church first. Secondly for myself it wasnt something I really wanted to do but like some others on this site, the Church in my part of the world was going very secular and not sticking to the teachings of Catholisism anyway. It was a hard decision to walk away but as I did I prayed that if I was in error God would lead me back. That is what He is doing now. Catholics in the church and out of it can lead unholy lives doing what they want etc etc that is the way this age is. I know a lot of troubled ex catholics struggle for many years over leaving, some return, some dont.There is a great ministry here to get into if you are keen. Find these people, spend time with them whether they are in another church or not. If you are so strong about the issue, I encourage you to get involved. However dont knock what they have or havnt done, remeber we are all sinners, you included. You might find yourself in that same position one day . So help these people if you are genuinely concerned and interested in why they left. You will be surprised at what you find. Regards to seek

Is this in the bible? Or related to something in the bible? because I have a friend who is Baptist but “hates” organized religion.

If so I would love to use this with her next time she bash talks people “wasting their time going to church”

From what I understand, Catholics can receive the Sacraments from Orthodox if they both request it and the Orthodox Bishop approves of it. While it is not always the same in the other direction. My own personal understanding, shaped by the Catholic mindset, is that Catholics see the Orthodox’s separation as schismatic. They still hold onto the faith as referenced by Saint Paul when he speaks of one Faith, one Baptism, one Lord. We are one body through the Lord due to Baptism, united by our shared Sacraments, and strengthen and guided by the Holy Spirit shown by our one Faith. Thus, while Orthodox may have varying view that are discordant with the Catholic faith, they nevertheless has much of the core faith understood at the time of schism. And because of the same faith and Sacraments, they share the closest imperfect union with the Catholic Church.

The way I relate to this is like back in the Early Church Fathers period, there were bishops who as pastors taught teachings that was heretical or schismatic. They used the apostolic teachings and faith as evidence for their claims. However, they were refuted by other bishops using scriptures as well. Eventually disputes and misreadings get resolved and communion reestablished. Communion between bishops and the laity in their jurisdiction were physical actions to show their recognition of spiritual brotherhood. I think the issues with the Orthodoxy and Catholicism is like this as well. Over time, more Orthodoxy and Catholics can receive Holy Communion together as physical actions of internal wounds heal and reconciliation both on the theological level and on the personal level.

I do not think full communion between all the Orthodoxy and Catholics will be possible, though I hope it will be. Eastern Catholics give me hope that it is very possible.

I do not remember where but the scriptures often speak of Satan in two descriptive names: the accuser and the divider. What’s more divisive then breaking up the long unity of true Christianity into tens of thousands of different groups that do not recognize each other nor retain the same set of teachings faithful to our true teacher, Christ. We must be faithful to the Church that Christ founded as our Heavenly Father is faithful to His children.

what you just said is even better since this girl likes to try and sound logical (even though she doesn’t know what she is really talking about)

I’ll look it up online maybe. Its a good point since so many kids my age don’t like to affiliate themselves with organizations so they can be :“unique” haha

The Secession of Popes? Or, Historical , chronological order of Popes? All of the Ecumenical Councils…The Catechism…The fact that the Catholic Church, gave us the Bible? The Seven Sacraments? The Real Present of Christ in the Eucharist? The fact that there is a Catholic Church built over, every site, where there is an Apostle buried… Saint Peter’s Basilica… etc… The fact that there exists a Catholic Church in every country in the world, I dunno… Actually I do, that’s why I’m Catholic… Does this helps???

I hear you. Whether or not your claims are true is the crux of the matter. And I am investigating. That’s why I’m here.

I left the Catholic church–and went right into the Protestant religion. I left because of what I THOUGHT the Catholic church was. Now…all these years later I’m back because of what the Catholic church IS! It’s like my eyes are opened for the first time…

Prayer life…WAY UP
Bible Reading…WAY UP
Church Attendance…WAY UP

I’m where I’m supposed to be:thumbsup: