Iran Aires Movie Denying the existence of Gas Chambers in the Holocaust

With “special thanks” conveyed to the Iranian broadcasting authority’s offices in Beirut, to Hizbullah’s Al-Manar TV in Beirut, to the Lebanese Ministries of Defense, General Security, and the Interior [1], on October 28, 2005, Iran’s Sahar TV aired a film titled “Holo Causte.” The characters speak in French, English, and Arabic. This film, which depicts alleged persecution of Holocaust deniers, was produced by Sahar TV and filmed in Lebanon.

The following includes links to the clips and excerpts of transcripts from Parts 1-3 of the series. MEMRI TV will release additional clips later this week.

Part 1: The Theories of Holocaust Denier Dr. David Bardash TO VIEW THIS CLIP, VISIT:

(Excerpt)

There is ample evidence that massive crematories existed and were used. It’s rediculous to deny the facts.–nicolo

Looks like MEMRI is whipping up anti-Iranian sentiment, all for the benefit of its target audience in the US, it seems.

And your statement is for the benifit of…?

Do you think MEMRI did anything wrong disclosing/refuting those Holocaust deniers?

Well, it´s very normal for them making these films, and it´s very normal listening all the islam defenders defending mullah´s regime.

It is obvious that Iran is doing a more than adequate job of flaming the West all on its own.

I agree. Anyone who can’t see that just isn’t paying attention it would seem to me.

Oh, I see that…do you think anything will come out of it? :eek:

I’m really not in a position to know. Iran is obviously playing the role of the bully on the block, seeking to gain stature by playing the prejudices and hatred on the Arab Street against the West and specifically against the US.

The best way to deal with a bully is to isolate him/her, separate him/her from the beta-bullies, and distract the beta-bullies with productive work and self-esteem derived from genuine and productive accomplishment.

Barring that, I would expect that more needs to develop at the UN regarding their censure of nuclear bomb-making in Iran.