Is an infinity symbol a hidden satanic symbol

It is also called a lazy 8 and i read its one of the hidden symbols of satan and it is on tarot cards…I read that a cross necklace with an infinity symbol on it that it is especially bad. I looked it up on the internet and got disturbing
Is this true? What do you do with this jewelry if it is true?

I never heard such a thing. I’d not be too concerned.


When people do ouija boards, the planchet will start tracing the sign of the infinity symbol on its own usually before something comes through… its supposed to open a portal to the spirit world in occult things.

Unfortunately I messed around with this stuff as a kid so I learnt the hard way.

No matter what it’s origin, for me it just represents infinity.

I’ve never heard of that…

I just remember it from my Math days.

The so called “peace” symbol, found often on clothes, jewelry etc. is also a “hidden” satanic symbol. It is an upside down broken cross. and it breaks my heart to see so many wearing it, even little children!! I imagine the devil is laughing his head off. Fr. John Hardon told us over 20 years ago to not ever let anything evil in our homes. I would destroy. Certainly not pass them on to anyone else by giving them away!!! God Bless, Memaw

Indeed. If it is evil, then every mathematician is trafficking in evil.


Yes when I was searching the infinity symbol, this came up too, as well as the anarchy symbol.

Someone I know told me that the symbols on some jewlery are not good, especially the infinity symbol on a cross (not crucifix) especially if it below the cross. It has to do with satanism and used in some rituals. It is an identifier to other satanists that the wearer one too.:eek:

For those who may not know it, the Anarchy symbol is a capital A inscribed in a circle.


Don’t be superstitious. The symbol has no magic of its own. If you believe it is evil, then it may be harmful, but it is only your belief that makes it harmful. Rather put your faith in God, and rely on his providence, mercy, and love.

No, it is not. It is a combination of the semaphore symbols “N” (the two “arms”) and “I” (the vertical bar). It stands for “Nuclear Disarmament”, and was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, an artist and designer.

So it may be leftie, peacenik, and anti-nuke, but it is not satanic.

There is nothing inherently evil in symbols. I really don’t care how the ‘peace’ or ‘infinity’ symbols began. To me, they mean peace and infinity.

Think…what was the purpose of the person who told you this information? Were they superstitious? Were they criticizing you? I find most of these people to be superstitious, opinionated, or even controlling. Don’t let them make you give up a piece of art or jewelry you like, although having such symbols out of the way when you know you will see them might help you avoid fruitless arguments.

But why would anyone knowingly want to wear a Satanic symbol even if you don’t believe in it??? Those who look at it may think you do! Would you wear a Nazi symbol even if you don’t believe in it??? It isn’t what I believe that makes it evil, it’s what it stands for that’s evil !!! God Bless, Memaw

An up-side down cross can also be a symbol of satanism, or of St. Peter.

Symbols are neutral, and giving power to them is helping to perpetuate false information and encourage superstitious behavior. Why would you want to do that?:shrug:

Our major newspaper ,after several Satanic episodes in our city, had a double page add telling about all the satanic symbols. It was one of them and also had an explanation of it being an upside down broken cross and how people are being fooled into thinking it a peace symbol. Satan wants anything BUT peace!!! Take a good look at it!! God Bless, Memaw

Peter’s cross was NOT broken and it does NOT stand for that. God Bless, Memaw

It is a mathematical symbol. If “Satanists” have appropriated it for their own use is immaterial to its actual use.

Hmmm! My wedding ring, by some coincidence (or conspiracy?) looks like a zero. Should I be worried? Don’t tell my wife.

It also looks like the letter O, which as we all know stands for Occult! And now I can’t get it off my finger! “O” no! :eek:

No. Like the vast majority of “satanic” paraphernalia, these people took a perfectly ordinary symbol and tried to pretend they’ve always used it.

The satanic cross does have what looks like an infinity sign; a double barred cross on top of an infinity symbol. That’s probably what the OP might be referring to.

An upside down cross is not a satanic symbol except to anti-Catholics and hipsters; it is a symbol of St. Peter.

The parish church where I grew up was renovated and stained-glass windows were installed. Right over the alter is a circular window that features a “crown” (a circle in the center in amber-colored glass) representing Christ’s kingship; it’s ringed in red glass which symbolizes the blood of Christ. Around this are random shapes in various colors that represent the colors in nature that seen in our region. Intersecting this is a cross, equal in height and width. It looks like a sun cross which is a symbol of neo-paganism. I had moved away before this was installed but whenever I visited I always thought there is nothing here that would offend Druids or other pagans. While I think there could have been stained glass with more Catholic symbolism, I doubt that the sun cross is having much of an impact on that parish.