Is being born again and being saved the same thing?

The question is in the title. Is being born again and being saved the same thing? Just curious. Thanks!

Those terms generally aren’t used by Catholics. Some Protestants use those terms. Maybe you should move this thread to the “Non-Catholic Religions” sub forum.

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When Jesus said to Nicodemus to enter heaven we need to be born again he was according to catholicsm speaking of the water of Baptism, being saved is not a one time thing we are saved we are being saved and have every hope of salvation in Jesus Christ our saviour. baptism in the Trinity is a one time thing , and in none ordinary circumstance can be by desire or even blood as a martyr, salvation Is ongoing

No. Water Baptism is meant by being born again.

It seems clear to me, reading John 3 in context, that being born again refers to baptism.

I guess it depends on your understanding of “being born again” and “being saved.” You could say, when we are born again in baptism, we are saved from our past sins.

Ok, thank you for responding.

Interesting question. IMHO - I’d say No…

Receiving God’s Spirit is akin to a ReBirth.
That said… We still must Obediently Attend to God’s Command…
At Judgement Day - we’ll learn who’s Saved


It has been said that when a Catholic is approached by a Protestant with the question “Are you saved?”, the answer should be “I am saved, I am being saved, and I hope to be saved”. Some Protestants appear to have a theology of “once saved, always saved” and the comeback against that appears to be " well, if you lose your faith, then you never were saved" as if it is an all or nothing one-time matter. It ignores a tremendous number of matters, particularly in Scripture.

Refer them to Jesus’ discussion on Judgement
And to how Love in Action / Charity - supersedes Faith and Hope.

I might not involve in long-winded whatevers when that arises.
I have said, “I don’t believe that” - without any compelling need to defend myself.
barring what I’d just said.

In acts 8 when phillip went to samaria. It seemed to be a 2 step process they heard the word were baptized. And then received the holy spirit when Peter and John layed hands
on them.

Like in acts 19 when Paul met the eph. He said what were you baptized in.? And he layed hands on them. And they received the holy spirit

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