Is EVP considered conjuring the dead?

Perhaps you have heard of or even seen “White Noise,” a movie with a plot concerning Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP. Basically, for one to search for EVP, one would record on an audio tape a quiet room for about sixty seconds. This tape is then played back at high volume and is searched for voices of what some consider ghosts or spirits. My stand is that searching for EVP is merely a hope of recording the voices of souls in a flux, not existing in Heaven or Hell. In other words, it is not calling forth the dead, just using electronic tools to let them talk to me. Would it be unethical for me to try recording EVP?

Dear Spy,

Souls that are without bodies are just that. A soul that does not have a body cannot by that fact make noise. Should one hear noises in such situations, one should be prepared for dealing with the dark side. Better to leave such things alone. If God wants us to encounter the spirit world, He is quite capable of accomplishing such. This is His business, not ours.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.