Is "Instant Breakfast" Drink or Food?

I’m going to be doing specific days of fasting in the near future. I’m not abstaining from drink, just from food.

So, my question is, is “Instant Breakfast” considered a drink or is it considered food?

Thanks for the help.

Scout :tiphat:

Boy, that’s a tough one! Think about it another way. If you put a variety of vegetables in a blender and liquified them, are you drinking food or a beverage?

I would suspect since the beverage is heavily fortified to give the benefit of a food substance, that it is not truly a fast in the strict sense, such as it would be if you drank a pure tea or juice. Let’s see with the others think. :wink:

I went on a liquid fast and the book suggested that we drink juice without any sugar or salt in order to keep the pancreas from overacting and the level of blood sugar stable. The only brand that was natural without corn syrup is Juicy-Juice, although it did have a bit of sodium.


I think an instant breakfast has a lot of calories, therefore I would consider it food.

I understand what you are saying. I’m not doing this for medical reasons, but for spiritual reasons. I know that it has a lot of calories in it, but soda is also, and I know that would be considered a beverage. Of course, if I put a bunch of vegetables in a blender and drank that, I’d be drinking V-8 Juice in a sense. So, I guess V-8 should be considered a food and not a beverage, too. Wow, my head is starting to spin.

I guess I’m wondering if it’s just a personal preferance when it comes to fasting for personal reasons (on days not required by the Church) or if there are specific Church guidelines for fasting.


Scout :tiphat:

Dear Scout,
I think you need to make your own decision on how you want to fast. When I fast, I would consider a sweet, tasty, high calorie item such as an instant breakfast to not be in the spirit of self-denial. But, perhaps you need something to sustain you somewhat. It all depends on you, and how severe you want your fast to be. It’s a very personal thing, in my opinion.

Dear Scout

A fast is what you decide it is to be, by that I mean you fast from what it is that you know will be a penance to you. No-one is impressed by your fast, people are fasting without even telling anyone at all, so, so what you are going to fast, it means nothing to humans and it means even less to God if you are simply choosing to fast from something you are easily able to give up. The growth comes spiritually when you subdue the flesh to what it desires and tells your brain to desire.

So fast from one singular thing that you know you desire and it can be something you enjoy, such as a favourite tv programme or a Saturday morning lie-in bed. The denial of things we actually do desire rather than such things as mundane as a food we need to actually survive is far more beneficial.

God Bless you and much love and peace to you


if you are doing this for personal reasons, assuming your health permits and your spiritual director okays it, you can fast any way you want, there are not rules. for the rules during Lent, soup, juice, purees are considered food. simply determine what manner of fasting will work for you and do it on the days you choose.

Thank you for this precise and honest answer. This is really all I wanted. I apologize if my first post wasn’t as clear as I should have made it.

I just wanted to make sure that I was obeying the laws of the Church.

Scout :tiphat: