Is it a sin to make love with your husband on Easter week?

When I was young in my hometown it was considered a sin to make love with your husband in the Easter week : from Monday to Easter Sunday. I was wondering if this is true.


I have no idea where you live or what culture this refers to but it is not a teaching of the Catholic Church. Possibly it is or may have been at some time a discipline in the Orthodox or Eastern Churches, you might want to ask on that forum.

I wonder who told this to you?

Absolutely not. Sisters teaching in schools many years ago, when things were run the old way, used to say thing well meaning like that but were really not educated in theology, since women were not allowed to study theology back then. They said many things with good intentions. But the devastating effects of saying those things ended up leading many out of the Catholic Church that were really confused.

When you think about it there are many priests that do or say things they shouldn’t, yet they still do it. I believe many if not most of them believe what they are saying and actually believer they are teaching it correct. I would love to elaborate, but this site doesn’t allow one to be verbose enough to clarify. I believe many of them too, even though they have studied theology, have missed the boat. I’ve read enough of contradictory information from holy men to confirm that these “experts” are not correct and have been corrupted by unfaithful teaching of Christ.

LOL… no? No one ever told me that before. This probably comes from the same school of thought that believes it is sinful to have sex during menstruation (which it is not!).

OK, agreed here:D. Sex during menstruation is not sinful but, man, it is disgusting.

No as a matter of fact - renew those wedding vows as a way of celebrating Easter - we are an Easter people!!! :smiley:

lol – Before I converted, I thought “abstinence” on Fridays during Lent meant no sex.

Hmmm, maybe it ought to, for the unmarried!



You proposal would have unmarried people engaging in sex before married 6 days per week. I’m sure that’s not what you’re proposing. But then maybe I should look at your religious status.

I’m not aware of any days upon which having sex is seen as sinful. Based on the frequency of questions like this, though, I wonder if it would be beneficial to have a thread stickied at the top of the forum covering some basic “marital gifting” questions.

It was common piety in later Medieval Europe to abstain from sex on fast days (which were more numerous than now); this comes up in numerous pieces of literature. It has never, as far as I know, been Church teaching.

Fascinating. I think sometimes acts of piety are lost in our instant gratification culture.

For heaven’s sake! Out of nowhere, you blame the nuns? Ridiculous.
She said it was the “practice” in her hometown.

If you have a need to bash nuns and priests,
go ahead and start your own thread.

I can’t imagine ANY nun/Sister mentioning
sex in any context while doing things the “old way.”

What are you thinking?

For Heaven’s sake, open your heart to be generous knowing that not everyone is perfect. It’s a known fact, that I listened to on CAF Radio with a priest, giving this spill, almost word for word. Don’t kill the messenger lady. It’s the truth. Do your research.

I left the Catholic Church because of the contradictions that were being shoved down my throat by people using the same technique that you just used on me. You’re not very nice and you don’t know my history, education and agenda.

Don’t be someone that perpetuates lies about priest and nuns being perfect. They’re only people and they are only as good as their training. Catholic Colleges and schools are full of false teachings. I was a seminarian. I’ve been there. Got the T-Shirt. And now I’m preparing to become a deacon. Be a little more respectful and instead of bash, ask why I said what I did. My grandmother told me a long time ago that only made sense to me in my journey back home. “Don’t ride on the shirt tails of priests.” That means they don’t walk on water. Fr. Mitch Pakwa recently, today, corrected a priest that taught a lay person something wrong about Christ. It happens.

Today, nuns study theology. Hopefully its solid theology. I’ll have to look up the source of where I learned what I posted. It was a Catholic source, and I believe a respected theologian and/or priest. I’m kind of busy though, so don’t hold your breath.


LOL!! :rotfl:

:confused: No comment.

Actually, you should study Jewish traditions on this subject, In fact, Jews are required to abstain from sex up until 12 days after menstruation ends. Imagine if the woman has a long menstuation… it happens. That means the window of opportunity for them might be very short.

No comment on my finding her statement funny or no comment on the “grossness” of it LOL:confused::stuck_out_tongue: