Is it a sin to oppose illegal immigration?

I think of myself as a good Catholic. I believe in supporting and caring for the poor and innocent, and I believe that anyone who wants to immigrate to the United States should. I also believe anyone who immigrates should do so legally, and that illegal immigration should not be tolerated. Illegal aliens should be encouraged to return home until they can come over legally. Yet, judging by what’s been said by bishops, priests, etc., is it a sin to feel the way I do about the issue?

No, it is not a sin, but it would certainly be imprudent to close your mind to the opinions of priests and bishops on the issue. Keep in mind that Catholic clergy often work closely with immigrants, legal and illegal, and know better than we do the struggles they face and the legitimate needs that they have. The opinions of priests and bishops on this issue are often shaped by these experiences and so deserve a fair hearing and careful consideration.