Is it ok to listen to Dr Taylor Marshall?

Hi! I don’t post often. but I do listen to catholic answers a lot. Often I go to YouTube, and Dr Marshall pops up. He seem anti Pope Francis.

Your opinions would be very helpful!




They’re not good for spiritual health.


I think they do much more harm than good. Spreading disinformation that quickly turns into slanderous assumptions and accusations against the Holy Father(s). Just read the comments on his videos and the many people he’s filling with distrusts and even hatred against the pope. It’s Satan the deceiver using people on both the left and right to politicize the faith and cause division and usher people right into sin or out of the faith based on disinformation. Very dangerous thing for him to be doing. Seems like an awesome family man and faithful Catholic, yet making a business out of gossip and uninformed misrepresentations and half truths…


I like him. I also think he has a great grasp on theology. That said, I cant listen too much or I become jaded, depressed, and angry. I think it is important to find a balance between peace and awareness if the current universal Church.
Coffin, marshal, et al are great in small doses.


The problem is weeding out all the gossip and false assumptions.


Dr. Taylor Marshall is actually very good - esp when you are watching just his theology and/or Philosophy webinars.

I’ve been a member of his New Saint Thomas Institute for years. He’s a very gifted teacher.

However, he has been “red pilled” (as have MANY lay career apologists & evangelists) by the McCarrick & Vigano situations. His webinars with Tim Gordon are the ones where he gets into Church “politics,” which started after McCarrick.

If the webinars with Tim Gordon are not healthy for you, don’t watch them. His other videos (without Tim Gordon) are very good and again, his New Saint Thomas Institute is solid.

So if you don’t like his Church administration commentary, then avoid the videos with Tim Gordon, as he only does that when Gordon is on his show.

God Bless


Michael Voris on his show. That’s a fantastic sign he’s good

What’s the reluctantcy about Taylor

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Ash all day - not sure about this being catholic


Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong now considers Taylor Marshall to be a “radical Catholic reactionary.”


His videos are really good. I’m not a huge fan of every show with Tim Gordon, mainly because Tim tends to ramble and his commentary gets very long winded.

However, when Dr. Marshall is interviewing guests on his own, the back and forth seems to move more smoothly.

His books, The Crucified Rabbi, The Catholic Perspective on Paul & The Eternal City are really good as well.

I would definitely recommend listening to him.


The good doctor is a smart man and a great news source to keep up on current events with the church. His research in the freemasonic and
Communist infiltration of the church is well thought out and fascinating. Some of the topics he talks about isn’t for the faint of heart (especially in regards to McCarrick and the Sankt Gallen Mafia), but people like him are nesscary if we want to keep the hirearchy accountable. I love the pope as much as the next good Catholic, but to say that he is perfect and is immune from criticism is just plan wrong.


The problem here is that Dave Armstrong will have to say that about A LOT of others too.

There are a great number of famous Catholics who feel the same way as Taylor does. I know Diocesan priests who do, other Catholic writers, hosts, etc.

The only difference is that Taylor has Tim Gordon on his show often (practically creating a totally separate show when Gordon is on) and publicly discussing it.


Websites not affiliated with the Catholic Church sometimes have interesting information. I’m thinking of Taylor, National Catholic Reporter, and some Protestant ones. But they aren’t reliable, not accountable.

You are better off going to Catholic ministries.


He’s not anti Pope Francis. In fact, in last video he did on Pope Francis he said “I pray for Pope Francis our Holy Father every day”. He merely disagrees with certain statements the Holy Father made, like that we’re “obsessed” with abortion and “talk about it too much” or that “Catholics shouldn’t be breeding like rabbits” (Marshall has 8 kids). No Catholic should agree with those statements.


Do they? They seem pretty rigorous to me. Do you have any examples?


More like rigorous hearsay.
The TnT shows I have watched about the state of the church are saturated with pure gossip. It’s one thing to have a private conversation, it’s another to make a business out of gossip on a global scale, sensationalizing scandal, poisoning the minds of people, spreading suspicion, questioning the validity of Church councils . . . misrepresenting and mocking pope Francis, filling the minds of people with junk; things like Marshall suggesting that McCarrick’s pectoral cross was a Satanic symbol, when in fact it is a pectoral cross unique to Cambodia that links the suffering of Christ with the disabled by war (granted, not exactly the best pectoral cross, but certainly not " Satanic”).
Plus the way they raise Archbishop Vigano as a beacon of truth—a man who demanded the pope resign, . . . The way they denigrate the “Novus Ordo” mass, the way they politicize the faith and go against the Holy Father’s appeal for the plight of immigrants etc. are just some reasons to steer clear from the show…


Dr marshall and Mr Gordon are persuasive, but their conversations are rather free-wheeling and lengthy. Marshall was an Episcopal priest who converted to Catholicism, and he defends the Cathic faith, but not always the Vatican.

I have read and recommend a series of three books that he has written: The Eternal City: Rome & the Origins of Catholic Christianity, The Crucified Rabbi, and Catholic Perspectives on Paul. These books present an interpretation of scripture that is favorable to the Catholic faith.

He is the father of eight children, he is a weight lifter, and he has a high level degree in martial arts.

TnT are independent commentators on the events in the Catholic Church. Marshall, in particular, documents where his observations and conclusions come from.

The following video is excellent, in my opinion. Many priests and bishops admit that there is a crisis in the church, the likes of which has never been seen before. Wading into this subject takes faith and courage:

taylor vat II vagueness amazon synod with matt gaspers


That’s a fairly comprehensive and certainly emphatic list of reasons as to why you don’t like the shows you’ve seen - your opinion, fair enough.

I don’t see it addressing or supporting your claim that their shows are based on fake news, though.

What is the fake news that you believe they base so much of their content on?


But was Archbishop Vigano wrong?
(Spoiler alert, he wasn’t)


There are a lot of “independent” commentators nowadays. Independent means they don’t benefit from the Magisterium, like colleges that are now “independent”. Do you think the Jesuit high school in Indianapolis is better now that it is independent?

But these independents generally comment on the same issues as the other “independent” commentators. They compete with each other to see who can tell you (sell you) the same material.

We have loads of Marshalls out there. What we have a shortage of is evangelists, those who try the much harder job of engaging persons in the secular culture with Catholic Faith.

Much easier to join the legion of commentators.


I like Dr. Marshall, I watch his show and his arguments and discussions are indeed very thought provoking.

I asked a newly ordained traditional priest in our diocese who does the TLM if he listens to Dr. Taylor Marshall. He replied “No, I don’t like high blood pressure”.