Is it ok to pray in bed? (As in lying down)

Is it ok to pray in bed? (As in lying down, but not sleeping :relieved: of course…)

God Bless, and you have my advance thanks :pray:!

Yes, it’s fine. :slight_smile:
In fact it’s okay to pray yourself to sleep.


That reminds me of the time that I fell asleep trying to pray 5 decades of the rosary. I guess I focused too hard and succumbed to the fatigue. Just don’t pray too hard OP!

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Totally agree it is okay. I find that there are no distractions and pray my night time prayers then. I like the thought that He will be in my mind before I go to sleep.


I used to pray the rosary with my kids when they were in bed and it had been a busy day,the only problem with that is they would start yawning whenever and where ever we said rosary.
I pray myself to sleep :slight_smile:


There is never a wrong time for good prayers. God will hear it all :slight_smile:


Are you like 8 years old or are you trolling?

I honestly cannot fathom an adult answering this.

A very wise old priest told me to go for a 20 minute walk and meditate on the mysteries of the rosary. At home I should lay on my back on my bed and pray when I felt my body relax.

That was a good solution as the rosary just got me stressed when people “fast-speed” prayed in 5 different languages and those speaking the same language didn’t say the words at the same time so the level of noise was worse than the when 120 kids ate lunch together at the school where I used to work.


It depends on one’s preference. I do that almost every morning before starting the day and it is soothing in a way… personal time with our Lord. :slight_smile:

But if I’m really tired, I try not to pray in bed while laying down because I know I’ll just fall asleep… instead I may sit on the bed to pay attention to the praying that is before the Lord. Make sense?


I don’t understand why you cannot fathom the original question posted when your question posted makes no sense. Meeting people where they’re at in life does matter though with maturity.


I used to pray in bed every single night before I went to sleep. Unfortunately when I got older I realized that method was not helping me advance in the spiritual life, it was really just helping me to fall asleep.

So I’d say it’s alright in theory, just as long as you can stay awake.

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Of course! We ought always to pray.




It’s not that uncommon. There are faiths out there where it wouldn’t be ok.

I think my mother fell asleep saying her rosary every night for about 30 years. She and my aunts would say when you do that, “the angels finish it for you.” I’m sure they did, but I like to finish my own, especially since I’m usually trying to complete some novena or similar.

I often pray sitting up in bed, but usually not lying down because I fall asleep within 5 minutes of starting to pray. I can see where this would be very helpful if you had insomnia, however I only get insomnia maybe once a year max when I’m worried or jet lagged, and 90 percent of the time I pretty much have the opposite problem and can’t wake up.


The question is, why would it be wrong to pray when in bed?


Probably out of a concern about either being irreverent/ disrespectful, or about using some prescribed prayer position like on our knees facing East.

It is kind of interesting how Catholics have very specific rituals for certain things like Mass, but when it comes to prayer it’s just like, anywhere and everywhere and whichever way you like as long as you are sincere.


I’m pretty sure it’s fine.
We are told to pray at all times!
If you find it difficult and fall asleep, which is fine, but still, maybe try to pray with your eyes open and lights on.

In the past I would pray the sorrowful mysteries of thr Rosary in the bathtub because I found I would try to avoid it otherwise.


If you have to pray or you have decided to pray and instead of kneeling or at least standing you lie down and begin to pray, this is wrong.
It is not a problem to pray while lying down if there is any reason why you cannot kneel, like a health issue. Or if you are saying an extra prayer before falling asleep. But to pray sitting or lying down when nothing stops you to kneel is not respectful to God.

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So when I say my 20 decade rosary, I need to be kneeling the whole time instead of sitting, or I’m disrespecting God? Bit much, don’t you think? I was not trained in a convent and while I probably could kneel for the whole thing or maybe 1/2 of it, since i don’t have broken knees or anything, the physical discomfort of the position would eventually distract me from the prayer I was trying to make. I’d really rather get into a comfortable position and focus on the prayer, the “talking to God”, itself.

Or how about when someone might be saying a quick prayer as they go about their chores for the day? Nothing is stopping you from setting your work aside and kneeling, but do you really need to be doing that every time? The Enchiridion states that “A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful who, in the performance of their duties and in bearing the trials of life, raise their mind with humble confidence to God, adding-even if only mentally – some pious invocation.” This is basically a prayer. I don’t think we are expected to stop performing our duties and drop to our knees each time we “raise our mind”.