Is it ok to wear rosary beads as a necklace?

My husband gave me my first rosary. It’s pretty and fits right over my head without need for clasping. I’ve seen nuns wear them but I’m no nun–is it lame or pharisitical to wear these like a cross? I’m a fairly new Catholic and do not know these things.

I understand among youngsters it is somewhat of a fashion fad these days, but I get the impression most of them do not actually use it for what it is intended for. I’m presuming the nuns you saw do.

If you’re around that age group, I guess it’s not totally lame to wear it (no worse than hanging it from your car mirror). But in my opinion someone who wears one and doesn’t use it to pray, while not necessarily being sacreligious (since you can’t read their heart), is nonetheless entirely missing the point.

If you don’t know how to pray the Rosary, here’s a helpful link.

Its not forbidden, but if you want a crucifix just buy one.

As long as you respect it as a sacramental, and not a piece of jewelry, you can wear it around the neck. However, beware of showy piety. Perhaps wear it on the inside of clothing, much like Our Lord said to pray in secret.


No I’m not a kid and I don’t like people wearing them for show either, that’s why I asked.

Actually my cross does not show when I wear it and I would wear the rosary next to my heart also. But the general drift I get is that it is not proper, so I won’t.

See, I think it’s fine and proper to wear rosary beads the way you have described. You wouldn’t be showing any disrespect. And if you wore them under your shirt, no one else is going to know so who cares what they think?

Like everyone else, my problem is with people like Madonna and Britney Spears (and the millions of young girls who idolize them) wearing the rosaries as a fashion accessory to their otherwise immoral outfits/performances. What a way to turn one of our most beloved sacramentals into something cheap and tawdry.

I’d ask in the AA forum.
Personally I have no clue.

I’ve read pamphets on the rosary which quoted the Blessed Mother as saying to pray it often because it is a powerful tool against the devil and to even wear it around one’s neck. These pamphets were printed with Bishops’ approval.

My original home parish is Dominican and all the priests wear huge Rosaries attached to their belts around their robes. Whenever I wore my Rosary and it was showing they would always comment on it and how happy they were to see me wearing my Rosary, which made me feel really good. I wasn’t wearing it for show, rather it was for prayer, of course. So, in answer to your query, yes! it is ok to wear your Rosary! :slight_smile:

My original home parish is Dominican and all the priests wear huge Rosaries attached to their belts around their robes.

In other words, everybody knows they are not making a fashion statement. As a lay person though, and because there are people who are using it as an accessory, I personally would not want to scandalize anyone with “wearing it” out in public. We have pockets and purses and briefcases to carry a rosary around, and even without one… God gave us ten fingers… so we can always pray the rosary even without our beads.

At the prison that I minister in, some ladies wear the rosary because it gives them a little hope in the depressed environment that they are in. They unite their fears to Jesus and Our Blessed Lady. Many, especially first time offenders, live in constant fear of the more seasoned inmates. There is no separation of offenders in our facility. They have those in for violent offenses in with those doing time for violation of parole.

God Bless,
Deacon Tony SFO

Just my 2 cents worth. This week I was at Wal Mart and very prominently displayed in the main island I saw a rack of books titled in large letters *Rosary. *I was pleasantly surprised to see the books and picked one up. I noticed the very nice colorful depictions of the Mysteries, including the new Mysteries of Light. The book size is about 2-1/2" by 4" and sells for less thab $4.

I think it would be fine as long as it were for the right reasons…keeps your mind on God; reminds you to pray…

But I did read where the Pope was critical of those who wear cricifixes as jewelry, you know…the Hollywood types who never step in a church.

I’ve wondered the exact same thing, because Rosaries are so beautiful!!! and they’d make a gorgeous necklace wouldn’t they?

But I feel the answer is NO, it is NOT proper. I however, have several and they’re around my house over an icon or something on the wall. I have always loved Rosaries and have had many even before I ever thought of becoming Catholic. God must have known!!!
I said my first Rosary last week, and hope to go back tomorrow!!! It was really thrilling and very powerful!!! I so love to see all the little ladies taking all different beautiful ones out of their little pouches------such devotion!!!

Look on the EWTN site and click on Religious Catalogue–then Rosaries–they’ve got tons!!! I just ordered one yesterday.

God Bless Friends~

no, we spend a great deal of time correcting our children who immediately want to put their new rosary around their neck, and making them take it off for first communion. it belongs in your pocket so it is handy for prayer, it is not an ornament, but a tool

How about a rosary ring? I wear one & I’m just a finger away from a decade or two :slight_smile: no taking it over your head & all.

I always made fun of DH for wearing his rosary round his neck. (Will not any more)

My Dad does wear a rosary ring.

I do have one in my purse as well the car (around the rearview mirror).

Hmmm…Now I am confused. :confused: I guess my main concern is that it be with me at the End. I think of the poor souls in the trade towers…I think I would want my Rosary close to me.

It appears that your children were doing what the Blessed Lady intended … *

Blessed Alan relates that a man he knew had tried desperately all kinds of devotions to rid himself of the evil spirit which possessed him, but without success. Finally, he thought of wearing his rosary round his neck, which eased him considerably. He discovered that whenever he took it off the devil tormented him cruelly, so he resolved to wear it night and day. This drove the evil spirit away forever because he could not bear such a terrible chain. Blessed Alan also testifies that he delivered a great number of those who were possessed by putting a rosary round their necks.

Father Jean Amƒt, of the Order of St. Dominic, was giving a series of Lenten sermons in the Kingdom of Aragon one year, when a young girl was brought to him who was possessed by the devil. After he had exorcised her several times without success, he put his rosary round her neck. Hardly had he done so when the girl began to scream and cry out in a fearful way, shrieking, “Take it off, take it off; these beads are tormenting me.” At last, the priest, filled with pity for the girl, took his rosary off her.

The very next night, when Fr. Amƒt was in bed, the same devils who had possession of the girl came to him, foaming with rage and tried to seize him. But he had his rosary clasped in his hand and no efforts of theirs could wrench it from him. He beat them with it very well indeed and put them to flight, crying out, “Holy Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary, come to my help.”

The next day on his way to the church, he met the poor girl, still possessed; one of the devils within her started to jeer at him, saying, “Well, brother, if you had been without your rosary, we should have made short shrift of you.” Then the good Father threw his rosary round the girl’s neck without more ado, saying, “By the sacred names of Jesus and Mary his holy Mother, and by the power of the holy Rosary, I command you, evil spirits, to leave the body of this girl at once.” They were immediately forced to obey him, and she was delivered from them.

A person may wear a Rosary around one’s neck if they wish to, but there is no documents from the Church to say one way or another.

The Rosary is NOT regulated by the Church. It is a personal devotion and as such the Church make no rules about it other than the rules concerning blessed objects.

Since the Rosary is not regulated and is a personal devotion one can say the Rosary any way they want to, wear it around their neck, or whatever, as long as proper respect is due to a blessed object (most people have their Rosaries blessed).

It is perfectly fine to wear it around your neck. There is nothing disrespectful about it. We wear medals and postage-stamp scapulars around our neck all the time. The people telling you it is wrong are being scrupulous, though I am sure well meaning. Bro. Ignatius

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