Is it paradoxical that 'we' often think to 'ourselves?'

e. g., I was thinking to myself. Who is ‘I’ and who is ‘myself?’ This really suggests more than one inner voice!

What is really happening when we say ‘I’ was thinking to ‘myself?’ What constructs are at play here? Is all thinking based on one ‘self,’ or do we have more than one ‘self’ dwelling within the mind?

Some may simple say that it’s all a matter of speech, but I suspect more is going on here.

Some do.

But there’s professional help available.

Sarah x :slight_smile:

One self from different vantage points - the operation from the same.

I think too much can be made of this issue. I don’t see a “paradox”. We only us the words “ourselves” or "we’ because what other befitting words would there be?

You are simply putting a conscious thought together in your mind and use the vernacular to describe it.

Me, myself, and I are the same entity. I don’t see any paradox.

All that exists in my mind are voices, nothing thinking.

If me, myself and I are the same entity, how come all three can speak to me simultaneously, as three voices?

Well, that’s a problem for you. I mean no offense but “voices” being processed is thinking. Thinking to oneself with different expressions and the same outcome.

Are you serious?

Serious in what respect? Having three voices within me?

I almost always think in the third person. Even when I write notes on homilies or on scriptures, I almost always use “we”. I think it’s because I write so much and I also teach, I naturally think in the third person. Or maybe it’s because it distances me from the subject a little bit. “I” is much more personal.

Sometimes, especially when meditating, the people in the scenes have different “voices”. That’s because I have a very good imagination and I would expect St. Peter, for example, to sound different than I do.

No, I don’t have extra “people” living in my head. I know that for a fact.

Just a nitpicky thing– “We” is still first person. It’s just plural. “He/she/it/they” is 3rd person.

Also, I completely understand the bit about different voices. If I sing a song in my head or replay an episode of a TV show (I have all of Band Geeks from Spongebob memorized), I can hear it in their voices.

I exist, therfore I am. You don’t have three voices. You have bought into the phraseology “we” often think to “ourselves”. You have heard the expression, usually humorous, “are WE feeling okay today?” Figure of speech, improper diction, but, a forced vernacular. Whatever you want to call it. Botton line, when you are having an internal thought, it is you alone, any other concept is brought on by the misuse or overuse of words.

After homeschooling my son all the way to second semester of 9th grade, you would think I would remember that, wouldn’t you!:smiley:

Do you have a physiological disorder?

Yes, but my schizo-affective disorder is not to blame.

Who in their right mind doesn’t have inner ‘voices.’