Is it really necessary for people to joke on this forum?

On this forum there are members as young as 13 years old. Is it really necessary for people to continue making inappropriate jokes?

Why can’t people post edifying things?

Please excuse my firm tone, I am struggling to get my words out.

If you are scrupulous like me, I advise you to stay away from posts on this forum, as it could lead to much harm.

This forum is essentially dead as far as I can tell. Where are there any inappropriate jokes?

Here’s one:

“Mr. Hammer, the garbageman is here!”
“Tell him we don’t want any!”

Is this the sort of thing you mean?

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Sir, I do not understand a word of what you are saying.

That was a joke I just told. And it has nothing to do with this discussion or any other discussion on this forum, so it’s not appropriate. I thought it might be an example of what you’re talking about. Was I mistaken?

Life is stressful. The world is in a handbasket. Stress is running high. Sometimes, being flawed human beings, we may say inappropriate things. If someone offends, what was the Gospel this past Sunday? Matthew 18:15 If someone sins against you, take it up with that person, just between the two of you. Private messaging. If that does not work, then perhaps report the post to the mods.

My apologies, sir, I am not your age nor am I as experience in life as you are.

You’ve nothing to apologize for, friend. I was trying to be funny, and I didn’t quite succeed. I beg your pardon.

Welcome to the forums. I hope you have a beneficial stay here.

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It’s funny how funny we think we are. Applies to me first. I have had to explain more jokes than I ever told.

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