Is it too late?

I posted this in the forum (i think the AAA one) I actually meant to post it in a public one and I hope that I am in the right place now.

I will try to make this as short as I can and no matter what the answers are I thank you ahead for giving me your time.

I was baptized Catholic and I made my first communion quite literally decades ago, 1976 in fact. Various foster homes I ended up in had me baptized in thier churches (not of my personal seeking).

I have been trying to find my own spiritual path for at least 20 years now. I have tried just about everything BUT returning to the church. I have had so much anger in my heart I felt that God had abandoned me.My faith vanished. I understand that might sound like a terrible thing to say but I hope that you, reading this, will understand that I am not trying to offend any one. I’m just trying to give enough detail without getting to personal.

In the end I supose I ended up being athiest, not that I want to be. I want to believe, I truly want to have faith again but I don’t know how to get it back.

Over the past couple of weeks I have wondered if perhaps my faith is still in my heart burried under anger and pain. I decided that maybe if I can go back to church, maybe if I can give confession, maybe the anger and pain can subside and maybe there will be room in my heart for faith to grow again. I know that is a lot of “maybe’s” but…

So I guess my question (2 actually) is
1- Am I still Catholic if I was baptized by other churches after my Catholic baptism?
2- Is it too late for me, am I still saveable?

Please excuse any typos and such, I have become very emotional lately. I look forward to any replies even if they aren’t the answers I am hoping for.

Thank you

Hello Libby, i think that if you were baptized Catholic you are still Catholic. The best thing you should do is to go to a priest. Try to find a Catholic priest and ask to talk to him. Tell him everything you told us here and i am sure that he will be able to help you and i believe he will be happy to help you.

In addition to what Cristy said, join a fellowship group at your parish. You don’t have to be a full blown Catholic to join. You will be on a journey, just like the rest of us. The reason you should join is that you need more than just weekly Mass to get past the pain and disappointment you have experienced. You need the reinforcement and support that come from being around the right people. Your faith is buried in your heart and ready to sprout, or you would not be asking about it. It is not too late for you to be saved. You are ripe for being saved, though understand that what Catholics mean by the word is not what protestants mean. You can relearn the Catholic understanding in an RCIA class, and you will come to understand a deeper richness of faith than can be had in protestant churches.

Congratulations, and welcome home. It’s comfortable here, and you belong.

Thank you both for your replies. I have an appointment to speak with a priest today. I am so anxious about it that I have given myself a stress headache . Your replies have eased my fear a bit and I believe now that my meeting will go well. Thank you both very much.

God Bless you. You are in my thoughts.

I hope that the meeting with the priest went well.

It seems from your post that you have not received other sacramants. RCIA would be good so you can learn about the faith and decide if you want to carry on.

Plus, it is never too late to come back. :thumbsup: God bless.


Easy answer Libby: Immediatelly Sign up for Nearest Parish now begining RCIA Class, to Learn, Become Full Catholic. It is The Way to learn the Ideal Beauty of Christ’s Only Church of 1.3 Billion. Those who Do become Full Catholic find The Love of God, His Church; :blessyou: Many feel Becoming Catholic was equal to their Marriage, First Baby.

  1. yes
  2. no and yes

yes you are Catholic, the subsequent baptisms had no effect whatever and were meaningless except insofar as they may have helped turn your mind and heart toward God at that thime.

No it is never to late as long as you are still breathing.
everyone without exception is “saveable”. you have already been saved in your Baptism in Christ. Can your return to that state of grace, that relationship with God, yes anytime you choose, beginning with sacramental confession. Just tell your story as you told it here and the priest will guide you from there.

No you will never find real peace unless and until you at least begin to ask for the ability and strength to forgive God and whoever else has hurt you. Will it take time and effort? yes. will it be easy, yes easy to say but hard to do. Is it worth it? yes. your immortal soul is yours to protect, your peace of mind is yours to regain. the benefits are beyond anything you can calculate.

welcome home.

Welcome Home.

It is NEVER too late dear. God loves you and WANTS you to be with Him.

Your Catholic baptism is indelible. Nothing can wash it away.


I hope your meeting was good :):):slight_smile:

No, not too late --and I hope and pray your meeting went well. Lots of prayers for you!

                                                                                                                 Libby,  I  was  away  for  40  years;  I  was  so  worried  and  kind  of  lonelly  too;  until  I  met  the  Priest  pre-arranged.  Lifetime  Confession  immediatelly  set  me  free.  I  could  feel  the  lack  of  worry.  freedom.                                                Like   many,   Christ,  His  all Love  Church  have  strengthened  me  like  never before  in my life.  I   feel  I've  learned  what   Beauty  of  Love  and  Attitude  are  now;  you  can  see how  Many  times  I've posted.    RCIA  is  the  way  to  Learn  how Ideal,  rich  Lifestyle Christ's  Catholic Church    is.  It's  the  way      to  move out  of worry.  Because  Christ,  His  Church  are  True  Love.  :blessyou:  for   asking.