Is orgasming early by accident a sin?

My wife and I were engaging in foreplay and I by accident orgasmed prior to us having sex. This was not my intent and I was rather disappointed this happened because I know intentionally do this would be a sin, but as I said it was by accident. We did end up completing sex for what it’s worth the correct way following.

My question is, is this a sin that I should confess soon or no because it was by accident?

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I don’t wish to take the place of your confessor, but I can see no sin here. As you point out, it was an accident. If it were me, I wouldn’t worry about bringing it up in the confessional. Things such as this happen in many marriages.

If it continues to happen, and I know this is a very personal matter, I would consider, to put it delicately, modifying your practices to make it as unlikely as possible. Deliberately sought completed acts outside of normal intercourse, which obviously wasn’t the case here, are onanism, basically a species of contraception. Again, let me repeat, a totally involuntary accident cannot be a sin.

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