Is Reading Prayer (and meaning it) just as Effective as when you Memorize it?

If you read prayers and sincereley *mean *the words you are reading, does it count? Like reading a prayer word for word in a prayer book, and truly meaning it as you’re saying it. Are prayers more effective when they’re memorized then when they’re read? I’d usually think not, but just making sure.

Excellent question my friend, I often wonder the same thing, I shall watch for an answer as well.

What’s in your heart…? do you mean it…? are you just going through the motions…? I really think you can answer this one for yourself, don’t you?

Dear PMV,

From the master of prayer, St. Teresa of Avila, we learn that prayer is a movement of the mind and heart to God, which can often be wordless - just a loving attention to Him, a quick glance of love.

Whether we read words of prayer or recite from memory, we should strive to have the same loving attention, fully meaning the words we speak to God, St. Teresa advises, because we are in the presence of His divine Majesty!

It sometimes happens that with our best intention of remaining focused, we suffer distractions - part of the human condition. She tells us that the will is captive, but our understanding has wandered. The will is praying effectively for us with the intention we have of giving honor and glory to God in our prayer.

Have you noticed these sidetracks while praying the mass? It happens often, but our mass prayers are still effective because we wanted to be there. Unwilled distractions are not displeasing to God. Many who pray the rosary will notice that their thoughts stray, but if they recall them back to task and continue in the intention of prayer, they are heard. One does not have to start it all over again, or hear another mass if their thoughts were not 100% centered.

Our Catholic faith has a rich and vast amount of different prayers for ANY occasion. I could not imagine for a second being able to know all these by heart.

Whether they are memorized or read, it is the INTENTION and what is in the heart that gives it meaning.

Read Away… :thumbsup:

Thanks for the good responses. I think on CatholicOnline they have a list of prayers for all occasions, in case you’re interested.