Is the Jerusalem Bible available online?

I found a site that has the New Jerusalem Bible online. Does anybody have any links to sites that have the original Jerusalem Bible online?

I am unable to fine it on the web too.
But here is the NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE. posted by
Knights of Columbus
Beaver Valley Chapter
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I already have New Jerusalem Bible bookmarked. I can’t find the original Jerusalem Bible.

In terms of Jerusalem Bible readings in the Liturgy, you can get them from

  1. (only has the shortened version of some readings)
  2. (check Missal as there are some changes here and there)

Is this just the lectionary readings or the entire Bible?

Its the readings from the Roman Missal. The Lectionary would be derived from the Missal. Unfortunately, not the entire bible.

Well, at least it’s a start, since nobody seems to know of any sites that have the entire Bible online.

Unfortunatley, it is in spanish. I found one that is also in French. I guess you can eithr take a few years to learn the language or buy the hardcover :slight_smile:

It is an incomplete NJB. Kind of odd that a KoC chapter has ignored the Canon and gone with the protestant reckoning of scripture.

I’ll need to buy the hardcover since I don’t speak Spanish or French.

Perhaps it has to do with copyright issues?:shrug:

I read on one of the sites that the Jerusalem Bible is copyrighted and so no one can put it on the web without permission.

I have been searching and searching for a small green paperback version of the psalms of the New Jerusalem Bible. I loved mine, but gave it away, and now I can’t find one to replace it. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to find one?

Doubleday owns the rights the original Jerusalem Bible, and you won’t be finding it anywhere online at the present.

However, it’s not too difficult to find in second-hand bookstores, especially if you live in a major metropolitan area (if not, there’s always eBay). One thing to keep in mind: the hardcover reprint edition that Doubleday currently publishes (the “Reader’s Edition”), because it lacks the important extensive notes, does not carry the Imprimatur. The editions that do carry the Imprimatur – the big, fat one with all of the notes; also, a New Testament edition with all of the relevent notes – Doubleday has not published for ages and are thus only available second-hand.

I like the original JB a lot – it’s a solid Catholic translation, one that is, sadly, all-too-often overlooked. But I HIGHLY recommend finding an old copy with all of the notes and the Imprimatur.

If you want it on your computer you can download the e-Sword Bible program, then go here and download the New Jerusalem Bible module for it. Copy the module to the e-Sword’s Program File directory.

As I recall, the original Jerusalem Bible was in French. Try French web sites.


I think he’s referring to the original English-language JB, which, while inspired by the style and format of the French JB, was a totally independent project as far as the Biblibal text is concerned. Contrary to popular belief, the original English JB Biblical text was not a translation from the French JB Biblical text, but rather a wholly new translation from the Hebrew and Greek. Why the English JB took the name “Jerusalem Bible” from the French JB is because the NOTES of the former are heavily based on those of the latter.

Does anyone know when the third edition of the jerusalem bible will be in english?

Is it true that the third edition has already been released in French?

Yes, thanks to the Knights of Columbus, you can find it here:

Here are a couple of other sites that may be of interest to you: gives an extensive list of online translations of the Bible allows you to simultaneously search four translations of your choice, including Douay-Rheims, two Latin translations, and a variety of other languages.

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The Bible of Jerusalem is a family of Bibles.
Each translation is unique in each languaje and is done from the original languages.
But the prestiguous Ecole D’ Studies Bibliques D’ Jerusalem does the notes that are translated into each language from the woking language of the school, french and revised by in each version.
The Spanish version for example was tranlated by Spanish language scholars and the 1985 version is used in the Lectionary and is available in

The lack of availability of the Jerusalem Bible on line is because the publisher is jealous protecting his rights.
To my knowledge there are French, Spanish, English and Hebrew versions.