Is There A Patron Saint Of Confidence/Self-Esteem?

I can’t seem to find anything online. Does anyone know if there’s a patron saint of confidence, self esteem or something similar along those lines?


St Joseph is the unofficial Patron saint against doubt and hesitation.

St. Thomas Moore is patron Saint for courage - pretty close.

St. George is patron Saint of soldiers, and is strongly associated with courage.


None that I am aware of. Probably because the Catholic Church has not put much stock on self-confidence and/or self-esteem. Traditional Christianity has always placed confidence only on God, and in fact, has always frowned upon putting “confidence in creatures,” i.e. in anything created, including ourselves. This trend is seen not only in Catholic teachings but also in Orthodox and Protestant ones. The paradigm of self-confidence has only gained ground in the modern era, and it came from popular psychology.

The virtue most allied to these modern movements is actually called magnanimity, literally “greatness of soul.” This is a conviction that I am meant for great things, but not as the world sees greatness. It is not a looking for laurels to put on my head or maybe under my bum, but more of being a laurel for God.

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam!

Try Joseph the patriarch (i.e. the one who was sold into slavery by his 11 brothers); King David the giant-killer; Jeremiah the disrespected prophet; Catherine of Siena who reamed out Pope Gregory XI, cardinals, kings, and queens.

Is self-esteem a Christian virtue?
I know some real jerks who are overflowing with it.
Otoh, a lack of self-respect can be a real problem.

If you are feeling low self-esteem due to setbacks in your life, try St Jude the Apostle, patron of perseverance.

Self- esteem is another term for pride. We are lowly creatures who are nothing without God. We sin grievously and offend God every day.

False humility (as in devaluing oneself) and excessive self-doubt are also forms of pride. We should value ourselves enough to get God’s work done.

There’s a lot of difference between St. Catherine of Siena saying that, next to God’s greatness, she practically doesn’t exist, and thus praising God; and someone with depression and suicidal impulses saying she’s nothing and worthless, and thus insulting God’s creative powers and plan.

Re: patron saint

St. Job the Patriarch is a patron saint against depression. But since he also refused to agree with his friends that he must have done something bad and was being punished (and God agreed, and reprimanded the friends); and since he had the guts to demand answers from God Himself (and got an answer that satisfied him, if not the kind he expected); he obviously would be a great saint against specious self-doubt.

Healthy self-doubt is something else.