Is there a Patron Saint of Health or Weight Loss?

Is there a Patron Saint of Health and or Weight Loss? I am going back to gym today and need to focus and take it seriously. I am only 30 years old and my doctor told me that I am about 40lbs overweight. It worries me and encourages me as we are having a child in July. I just need someone that I can pray to when I get down and frustrated.

Not really sure there’s a patron of weight loss, it’s a very modern issue really.

I suppose for moderation of food you might want to look to St Francis of Padua, who founded the Minims, who take fasting and abstinence from meat so seriously that it’s a 4th vow in their order.

At the other extreme, there is St Thomas Aquinas, who was overweight all his life, and could certainly know where you’re coming from.

Other than that, just eat less and exercise more, it’s really that simple! (If only I could take my own advice :shrug: )

Patron Saint of health, St. Raphael the Archangel

Or Saint Luke who is believed to have been a physician, based on Saint Paul’s words

I use St. Raphael the Archangel for weight loss myself (I guess that then I can be more sure I am losing for health rather than a neurotic need :blush: ). I never thought of St. Luke, tho’!

Funny you should ask because I was just researching that yesterday. The only thing I have found is the following:

St. Mochta is a good patron saint for all of us who wish to curb their appetites for spiritual advantage and control their weight for physical motives. Butler’s “The Lives of the Saints” notes that St. Mochta (Mochteus) never ate a morsel of fat as a way of curbing his appetite for such foods. [Note: some liquid oils are necessary for good health.]

The result was that the Abbot Mochta lived a very long life, fabled to be three hundred years (but the evidence is that he lived to be about ninety). St. Mochta was a contemporary of St Patrick, who is said to have built the original church in Louth, Ireland and to have appointed St Mochta the first Bishop of Louth.

Yes, there is. The patron saint of weight loss is Our Lady of Weight Loss and she has her own website. She inspires, motivates, and helps people to move into the ‘lite.’

St. Patrick and St. Rose of Lima also have “fasting” in their patronage. They can probably help!

God Bless you- I dropped 100 pounds about 3 years ago and kept it off. Prayer had a lot to do with it. Taking the time to exercise each day- even just 30 minutes of walking- helped tremendously.

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Love this post. I will research St. Mocha today. Thank you:thumbsup: God bless you.