Is there an impurity support group on this forum?

I am sorry to bring up this topic. But is there a support group men can join on this forum?

Yes it is embarrassing, I apologise again.

Not currently. However, as the forum grows, one can certainly be a possibility.
I can state that temptation to impurity is constant, it is incessant. The devil greatly desires to separate us from God. From roaming and patrolling the earth, he is well aware of men’s behaviors, and thus he knows which temptations to end.

We hear much of “mindfulness” these days, which is really the presence of God, except that God is excluded from the worldly version. If we desire, if we learn to practice the presence of God, the devil’s temptations will become much weaker; weaker to the point that we are no longer troubled by them.

Will we fall? Almost certainly. Yet, we have a God who calls to us at all times, and more loudly when our surrender to sin distances us from Him. We possess the amazing comfort and reassurance that our sins are truly forgotten, even destroyed, when we make a heartfelt confession. Remember that He is a jealous God, and desires to retain what is His. The devil is envious of God and it was through the devil’s envy that death entered the world.

If we strive to personify the devil as death, and nothing more, we might develop a natural repulsion from him and his temptations. Conversely, if we develop the habit of; nurture the practice of the presence of God, we will be drawn to Love and not death. Mary is a universal sign of life, as eternal Life came through her. She is powerful as an intercessor when we are tempted. A “Hail, Mary” when recited in time of great temptation, is very powerful.

Our conversion, our rejection of sin is a process. It takes a lifetime. Yet, God knows of what we are made and does not demand that we are victorious or perfect - only that we struggle toward him.

Toward this end, a copy of “The Practice of the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence should be a great help. The more we place ourselves in God’s presence, the more we orient ourselves to Him and away from the world.

Why don’t I just make this thread the support group? Will a mod approve?

These archives are public! Please keep that in mind!
The old CAF had subforums. Have they not been brought back?

I would recommend the Confraternity of Angelic Warfare. I assisted a Singaporean gentleman with the procurement of one of their kits. Last I heard, he’s now discerning with the Dominicans of Australia.

Remember “Mind over matter.” If you dont mind (pay attention to) the temptations, they don’t matter. Offer it up for someone on the verge of first impurity. You’ll be surprised at how fast they stop.


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