Italian translation of Order of Mass

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a copy of the Mass in italian. I am planing on going to Italy and would love to go to mass and I would like to follow along.


Pax Cristi

The Order of the Mass in Italian can be found on

Propers of the Mass for most Sundays in many languages, including Italian can be found on this website:

Have a great trip!:slight_smile:

Thanks those sites were very helpful!

Pax Cristi

Can I see the Mass? I am fond of Italian. italian translation

Actually, if you tune into EWTN at 5PM (CST, I think), on Ash Wednesday, you will be able to catch the replay of the Ash Wednesday Papal Mass. The Papal Masses are celebrated in both Latin and Italian. I hope this helps.

Thanks for your help . Thanks million.

When you get here ask in any religious bookstore for a libretto della messa.

He has done a marvelous job of putting it all together.Translation and Translator is very helpful for every where.