It's Back!!!!!!!!!

[right]JMJ + OBT[/right]

Praise be to God that CAF is back online. I offer a big thank you also to the CA staff and other technicians whose hard work have made it possible.

CAF is a wonderful resource for Christians throughout the world.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


:smiley: YEA! You never know how much your gonna miss something till it’s gone. I’m happy the forums are back!!!:thumbsup:

Yes August is my slowest month and no CAF. I was wondering if I did something wrong. Then I got a letter from Karl asking for money and I thought maybe I sho9uld send him more money. I forgot how much I enjoy this.

I was starting to get worried we were never going to have a CA forum again…I am so glad it is back. I literally checked everyday to see if it was up and running again…I don’t even know why I checked today, because I didn’t want to be let down again…but I am glad I did. Deo Gratias

Ha! There’s already 70+ people logged in. How many of us were just sitting around clicking ‘refresh’ for the last couple of weeks.

And I couldn’t be happier to be back. I was at some very ugly “ChristianForums” in the downtime.

:whistle: :o :rolleyes: OK…ME!

Yea, Yea, Yea…sooooo glad your back!!! I think I was having withdrawals:(

Yeah, but what’s happened since Aril 12?


The forum comes back just in time for me to go off unemployment!**

(* Just kidding :smiley: )

(** But not about the job – Woo-hoo! :smiley: :D)


Luckily I discovered the forum at Catholic On Line ( - similar philosophy to our beloved CAF but not quite as jumpin’. :cool:

Oooooh, there’s new buttons & things here.

And new colorschemes! CA Goldenrod is pretty…


Where did all our posts go? So many threads are missing.:confused:

I’d almost given up on CAF. It was just a whim that I clicked on it to see if it was back up. Cancel all evening plans. Must talk to everyone for hours!!!

I’m sure they’ll be retrieved at some point, please God. And if not, we can have fun building everything up again :cool:

Just think of all the silliness we can repeat and no one can claim we are being redundant!

That’s true. Now we can re-hash all the same topics over and over :slight_smile: .

Peace to all…

Maaaan…! And I had almost reached the 2000-post milestone (or maybe just reached it? I don’t remember!) :frowning:


I was having some serious withdrawal issues, too! I did happen to find Steve Ray’s board, though (; it is not quite as busy as CAF, but there are lots of knowledgable folks over there.

The crash caused the loss of all data from April 13th, 2006 on. Anything that you thought was especially good that you posted during that time will need to be reposted.:frowning:

Welcome Back!
Michael Francis

:crying: :crying: :crying:

WOW! I lost 3,500 posts-dropped from #45 to #98-proves i need to get a life!