Jesus and I

After Confession Saturday, I went to visit our Lord in the Eucharistic Adoration (my word, I LOVE it!!!).

I was surprised to not see the lady who I assume signed up for Eucharistic Adoration for an hour because I always see her the same time, same day but she was not there. Some dude was there! :slight_smile:

Then another family came in, then the old dude left and the family and I were the only ones kneeling down to our Lord. Then later they left and I was the only one there! I tell ya what, if you’re the only one there, you’re going to get a great sense that our Lord is speaking to you. Soul can burn! :slight_smile:

The only problem was, I DIDN’T want to leave our Lord there (not to mention that I didn’t want to close the “doors” to Him when there’s no one there) so I stayed there for almost two hours!!! No one else came in because the Mass was going on. Earlier, I was tempted to leave because I had some finals to study but I could sense our Lord saying, “Couldn’t you just stay with Me?” So I did.

When I was kneeling there, I felt a deep sadness in my soul and then before I realized what was happening, I started to have tears come down my face! :eek: I wasn’t really sad about anything going on in my life but why was this happening?? Is it because there’s not enough people to visit our Lord? Was it because I actually love our Lord? In His Presence? WHAT?!?!

Does anyone else go through this or have had it happen?

I know you hate to have to do this, but if you ever must leave Jesus, there should be a little round thing (I think it’s called a luna), or at least a nice cloth that you cover him with. Just remember that we all must leave sometimes, but we must never leave him exposed.
I’m a big fan of Eucharistic Adoration, so I know how you feel. Sometimes I cry when I’m at mass during the whole Eucharist part, not really because I’m sad, it just makes me very emotional. I do get upset when I watch how people receive him sometimes- the lack of reverence is very upsetting.
A lot of time when I go to adoration, I don’t say anything, I just like to sit in the presense of Jesus. I’ve gone there to receive comfort when I’m upset often.
I love to read your posts- you have such an honest love of Jesus!


I am startled that the parish seems not to have made provision for all hours to be covered by a scheduled adorer, if they are having Eucharistic Adoration.

Well, I walked around the room and was seeing what they had on the table (bibles, Catechism, rosaries, Catholic newspapers, etc.) and came across a sign-in sheet and it listed the 5am-11pm hours that the chapel is opened and there were a few 0 next to some hours, therefore, no one is for those hours.

Maybe I should think about being an Eucharistic adorer… :hmmm: :hmmm:

…because after 4:30, I was the only one and the paper read there was no one at 5pm and that’s why I stayed (like a fake substitute so to speak!) because I didn’t want Jesus to be alone! :crying:

Good for you–your instincts were correct. The parish should really not even start adoration until it has at least two people committed to cover each hour.

Must’ve been the Holy Spirit! :smiley: