Jesus in Confession

Hello!! I’ ve never written here. this is my first thread.Sorr, if I show off that I don’t know English perfectly.
And I want to say you about Jesus in my life. When I was younger, I loved Jesus, but it wasn’ t that. Now I know that Jesus is changing my life and giving me all Power, all Love. Of course I sometimes have dark hours, when I don’t see His Light, but He always helps me. :slight_smile:

I met Jesus 4 years ago in confession. I was very embarassed because I had very private sins. But while I was telling it Jesus gived me Happy, Hope, Love. It was super! Now I have the same priest to confess. He is that priest who have first heard my sincere confession. Jesus changed a lot of things in my life. He gave my Freedom.

I love Him. He is still alive!!! :thumbsup:

Praise God for his sacraments of baptism and penance. Confession is good for the soul. Literally!!

Praise Jesus!:dancing:

Excellent. I believe everyone should try to confess to just one priest. That allows you to get better spiritual direction.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for welcome. I’m from Poland. And I came to that forum because I want to tell about God not only with Polish. It is very good to know that people all over the world belive and love Him.
It’s super. You fell that you are in Church. :slight_smile: Jesus Church.

Welcome. I am looking forward to our Advent Penance Service. I am trying to spend more time before the Eucharist and attend more daily Masses during Advent.