My topic is Jethro, or Reuel. Of course, Jethro was the father-in-law of righteous Prophet Moses, being the father of Zipporah. He was also the priest of Midian, and an adviser to Moses, giving him the advice of delegating the management of the children of Israel.

I have been curious about him. Midian are descended from Abraham. Later on, as I recall, they are an enemy of Israel and idolatrous. I always assumed that at the time of Moses though, they must have still had some that worshipped God alone and that Jethro was a priest of God and a righteous man. This would seem to explain how it was normal for Jethro to both marry his daughter to Moses and accompany Moses as a clearly trustworthy companion. However, that is all my conjecture.

So, does anyone know of any traditions regarding Jethro? Are my assumptions correct? Was Jethro a righteous man, perhaps even a saint?