John Lennon Vision?

I’ve heard of 7 people who were given a vision of John Lennon in Hell, and were told that listening to rock music would send one to Hell. I know the people were Protestants, but should I be worried about going to Hell for listening to rock music?

well whoever said it certainly was not Catholic because the Church has never declared infallibly that any particular person is in hell.

why would you let such a thing bother you? Even if one rocker is in hell you therefore say that condemns all rockers and their fans? rather extreme don’t you think.

According to the biographies, John Lennon was heavy drug user and an adulterer. If he did find himself in Hell, and I am not saying that is his eternal fate, why would anyone think it was the music that got him there? :shrug:

Maybe because he once claimed to be more famous than Jesus Christ? :shrug: Quite blasphemous really, but I doubt his music got him there, if he were there, that is.

I find it rather silly how protestants chide us for thinking saints in heaven while they themselves would damn people to hell (not all of them, of course). I think that God would want us to know who His saints are in heaven so that we can imitate them, rather than know who are in hell and then judge them for that.

Within the last year the Pope forgave him for stating that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. The Holy Father had the wisdom to see that it was a boastful remark made by a very young man that did not think ahead about the implications of what he was saying. Was he right in saying it? Nope. Should he go to hell for it? not our place to judge.

I do know that the song Let it Be brings me so much peace. Reminds me of Our Lady and her love for us.

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom. Let it be.”

That would depend on how you react to rock music. The music itself is not evil. The lyrics that are used, however, can be. I find most rock lyrics to be anti-catholic in one form or another. I seldom listen to rock ‘songs’ anymore and prefer listening to Joe Satriani (mixed with a little Vivaldi, Sheila Chandra and Duke Robillard).

John’s statement was taken out of context by american protestants. John was making a social commentary about british teens at the time.

How many thousands would run screaming to see the Beatles? How many of those thousands would run to church on sunday with the same enthusiasm?

Did he have a right to his opinion? It’s my opinion that he was correct.

Indeed. “My Sweet Lord” would be almost the perfect song if he had just left that “Hare Krishna” business out of it, lol!

Did he have a right to his opinion?

Of course! I am all about people having an opinion and expressing it, regardless of my personal thoughts or feelings about the subject.

I enjoy the Beatles music, both as a group and individually. I feel that if you are looking for the bad in something you will usually find it. I try to see the good in everything and everyone.

John Lennon’s been one of my very favorites ever since I was little. I don’t see any harm in enjoying his fine music. He got killed on Monday December 8, 1980. I should recommend praying quite fervently, for the repose of his soul to the Immaculate Conception. Maybe that’s why God let him die then. I’ve read all sorts of stories about his having sold his soul, on December 27, to Satan, who came to collect his due two decades later. Whether or not that’s true, we should all still keep praying for him anyway. Ave Maria.

His song IMMAGINE?

My sweet Lord was by George Harrison and not John Lennon. Just saying and no insult meant. When I was very young my fundamentalist mom bought me the album and she had no Idea that George was not singing about Jesus. :blush:

His later music was extremely ideologically charged. Have you ever heard the song “God”, from the “Imagine” album? Unfortunately he led a wild life. He may be in hell but he may be in purgatory so we should keep on constantly praying for him Ave Maria

George Harrison was heavily into the Hare Krishna movement. We have to keep praying for him too

Still is.

What’s wrong with ‘Imagine’… after all it said… imagine… it didn’t say ‘wish’ or ‘hope’ or ‘wouldn’t it be nice’…

It was no doubt provocative. But it was in keeping with the times… anti-establishment.

It was about imagining a world without the things that inhibit peace. I guess it was implied that religion is one of those things. But, a lot of people make that mistake and still do. Religion doesn’t threaten peace but religious people can and have had their emotions manipulated to threaten peace by people with ulterior motives. Usually involves valuables such as land, resources, etc. but can also include respect. Wise not to disrespect other peoples. Hard to fight against emotion.

And George got sued and lost for supposedly ‘subconsciously’ plagiarizing the song ‘He’s So Fine’ by the Chiffons released in 1962.

I think he was also referencing the difference in technology between the time of Jesus and the early 60’s. What was going on (the world getting smaller… or a worldwide phenomenon like them) was pretty new. Think Vietnam war… it was brought to our TV sets every night at dinner time… hmm… tasty… no wonder we collectively baled…