Justice Department accuses California of interfering with immigration policies in new lawsuit



Good news!


Certainly is good news. I personally would love to see some mayors and a governor or two carted off in handcuffs, but I rather doubt that will happen. I can dream, tho :smiley:



This will only degrade cooperation with federal agencies.

In theory every representative that voted for such laws would also need to be charged.

Are you joking?
We don’t throw congressmen in jail every time SCOTUS rules against them.

This is just the first step in determining if their laws are valid, or not.

Guess I misunderstood the lawsuit. I thought this was more along the lines of contempt. But I’m still saying that we’re close to a point where state and local gov are actively resisting the feds.

Will we eventually see local PD blockading ICE?

We’ve always had conflict between State’s Rights vs Federal.

I think it’s healthy, especially since we have a process to resolve the disagreements…

A response from Governor Brown.

Flanked by California’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, Brown repeatedly accused Sessions of lying during his presentation, including by asserting that immigration authorities were being blocked from picking up immigrants at California jails and prisons.

Brown is starting to sound unhinged.

I’m sure the feds have well documented any incidents where they may have been obstructed.

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So posters, how many of you are Californians…doesnt matter, just wondering…draw your own conclusions.

We will have to wait and see to find out who is unhinged Brown, Sessions, …

My evidence was in the link, no waiting required.

Actually your conclusion was made on the basis of evidence that you felt would be contradicted by the documentation of the feds. We’ll see.

I made no conclusion.

“Brown is starting to sound unhinged” is a conclusion.

California’s refusal to assist in immigration law harms the whole country. Once in this country and set up the illegals can move freely. In that way it is sort of like slavery which divided the nation.

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Thanks for not answering my question.

I’d call that an observation, about how he sounds.

“Brown is unhinged” is a conclusion.


To quote a former prosecutor and former CA AG and now US Senator, Kamala Harris:

“First of all they’re hypocritical. You can look at members of this administration, whether it is the head EPA—when he was attorney general of Oklahoma said that federal emission standards and other standards as it relates to greenhouse gas emissions should not apply to the states. You can look at this attorney general who has said that imposing the terms of the Voting Rights Act on the states creates an undue burden and is meddling with the affairs of each state. It’s hypocrisy at its height. Again, I think there’s a distraction in that they’re trying to suggest that this is about the Constitution when in fact, what they’re doing is playing politics. They’re playing politics, and they’re playing politics with California. This attorney general is doing that, and he’s going to lose.”

It seemed to be drawn from your being “sure” that his remarks on “incidents” were false.

I think Gov. Brown was furious at Sessions because of the misrepresentations in his remarks in CA, which he saw as red meat served up to the Trump base.