Leading the Rosary at a funeral

I need some quick advice. I’ve been asked to lead the Rosary at the family visitation for my wife’s deceasd uncle. This will be tomorrow night (Tuesday). Do I recite the Rosary according to the weekly schedule (Tuesday - Sorrowful Mysteries) or is there a specific mystery that is recited in these circumstances?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and God Bless.

In my experience- and that might just be midwestern experience- the priest or deacon leads the Rosary, in the absence of or in addition to the Scripture service at the funeral home. And it depends which set of mysteries, but most of the wake Rosaries I’ve attended have been the Glorious, to put the emphasis on where the deceased is hopefully headed. At a wake, after the Glory Be and O My Jesus, the leader says, “Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord” and the rest respond, “And let perpertual light shine upon him”. After the Hail Holy Queen, it is said again, and then the leader says, “May he rest in peace” and then everybody says “Amen”.

My experience too is that the Glorious mysteries are said. There is already enough sorrow around…

Thank you for the replies. I managed to pick up a guide from the local Catholic Book store titled “Rosary - Wake Service”. It was the Glorious Mystery and it walked me through the entire prayer.

Also, since this was not the official Rosary (i.e. the night before the burial) it was less formal. It was more of a private service for immediate family therefore I was able to lead it due to the priest/deacon not being available. It was an honor. The deacon led the “official” rosary service.

Thanks again…

I think you better take some white flowers with some food like cookies, biscuits etc. I had one friend from toledo funeral homes who had brought the same when my friend’s aunty has expired. So I think its a good idea or you can just consult with your other friends.

A very beautiful Rosary is to pray the first and last sorrowful mysteries followed by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Glorious. Replace the Fatima Prayers with the “eternal rest” prayer. God bless.

I’d ask a traditional priest to be sure. But I would imagine you should pray the mystery of the day: the Sorrowful Mysteries.