Lenten guides for those over 59 yrs

**I am in the group that does NOT need to fast.

Are you? Do you still fast?

I think I will follow the Lenten guidelines until I pass into the next life?

When it was set at that age, life expectancy was lower and people were old at 60. In general we are biologically younger, I think. While they could plead the letter of the law, I don’t think that healthy sexagenarians can justify ignoring the spirit of the law. In any case, Lenten fasting and abstinence guidelines are not really onerous. Besides, it’s more of a gift if you comply with the Lenten guidelines when you are not required to do so by the letter of the law.

God bless you this Lent. :slight_smile:

I accept the Church’s authority over this issue, and don’t “have to” fast, but I intend to do so. I think I may get extra graces from doing so because I don’t “have to.” :slight_smile: