Liturgy of the Hours

Where can I buy a copy (2007 of course)?

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of THE DIVINE OFFICE FOR DODOS.

haha thank you Andru. I hope that’s your name.

How do I know if they’re giving me this year’s Divine Office? It does change, no?

If you buy the version sold by the Catholic Book Publishing Corp. you would probably benefit by also purchasing the 2007 St. Joseph Guide which will give you references for each day.

note: The SJG comes in two versions. One is for the single volume “Christian Prayer” and the other is for the 4 volume version of the Divine Office. The link I gave is for the one volume version.

I am not sure if the SJG works for the version of Christian Prayer sold by Pauline Books and Media. Perhaps someone else here knows. Or perhaps you have a Catholic Book shop in your area and you can ask there.


Yes and no. (And please forgive me if you already know all this.) The Office is dynamic, in that the prayers on a given day will depend on the 4 week psalm cycle, combined with the liturgical season, and whether or not it is a feast day. For example January 24th is the memorial of St. Francis de Sales. This year that date falls on Wednesday in the 3rd week of Ordinary time. The prayers for that day will be a combination of ordinary prayers for Wednesday of week 3, plus some special stuff for the Saint. Next year Jan 24 will be on Thursday in week 2, so the prayers will be different.

Rather than reprint the Divine Office every year, most versions have a system that requires you to do some page flipping between the four week psalm cycle, the calendar based saints days, and perhaps a couple other sections. There’s a good tutorial at that’ll help you figure out the system. The Divine Office for Dodos also comes highly recommended. The St. Joseph’s Guide is a yearly pamphlet that just costs a couple bucks and give you the page numbers for each office for each day of the year.