'Loses in a landslide': Rob Reiner pushes for mail-in voting to defeat Trump in November

Um, is mail-in voting really that much prone to fraud?

His opinion. I share it

Wasn’t he encouraging a large voter turnout? I’m not seeing that he’s promoting fraud.

The 2000 butterfly ballot caused more problems than mail in ever could

It was okay for Trump to change home of record from NY to FL and then vote by mail in FL election, but anyone else who does it is most likely committing fraud? Just one more act of hypocrisy.

You are not a fraud if:
You are summering in the Hamptons, Cape Cod, Maine, or Europe. Only if you worked for a paycheck in South florida

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And this.

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Trump thinks the election should be only mail -on ballots in CA-25. :confused:

Rob Reiner is an actor/producer.

Here’s the deal–mail voting would open up all kinds of avenues for fraud.

There is no reason why people in the United States can’t vote in person. There are many organizations, churches, and individuals who are willing to pick up people who don’t have transportation or who are afraid of their neighborhoods or the neighborhoods where their voting center is located.

In the past, African Americans risked their LIVES to vote, travelling to far-away locations, and facing down racist haters who sometimes did manage to kill the innocent person who was only exercising their Constitutional Right To Vote, won for them by the Republican Party who got the 14th Amendment passed. Are we cowards nowadays? We should be ashamed, considering the sacrifice that these brave citizens made to exercise the precious right to vote.

As for fears of a virus–we have had viruses in our country ever since the beginning. You wear a mask and gloves, or a total jumpsuit if you have to. You get an absentee ballot, or you vote in advance. In other words, you have to go some effort to cast your vote–again, this is a serious responsibility, not a “Get Rid of the Bum that you Can’t Stand” event.

Voting in person demands a seriousness in the one who is voting. Mail-in voting is akin to taking an online quiz to find out which Disney princess you are.

I hope that this idiotic plan is squashed flat. And I hope Rob Reiner continues to produce good movies and TV shows.


Don’t see why every random Hollywood TDS sufferer deserves news articles where they repetitively espouse ‘Orange man bad’


I see a risk we need not ask people to make.
The risk of fraud is negligible. It would take tens of thousands of individuals who don’t know each other to begin with colluding and risking years in jail.
We have states doing it already without fraud.

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Just an American stating his opinion. You have yours. He has one vote like you.
I don’t see why in an election people still feel Trump needs protection from American voters opinions

This is pretty rare. Especially as compared to every random Trump apologist.

Are those his words or ones you are putting in his mouth?

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I wasn’t objecting to his opinion, he can take out all the paid ads he wants to espouse it.

I was objecting to people treating it as ‘news’, he has nothing to do with election policy or politics.


I think that there are many that agree that opinions should not be posted as news.

Community leadership is bestowed on whoever the public grants it to.
Who was Trump leading a chorus of Birther when he did? Nobody said Trump had to stifle. Nobody had to accept Birther when there was no evidence.

You can agree or disagree, but you cannot decide what is newsworthy

I realize that. That restriction to OPs that are news did not survived the transition to the new format.

I see, a ruling is being asked for then?

Nah. Just some consistency so that the complaining is on principle rather that content.

I thought Trump was shutting down the media.
Oh wait,
The shutting down if opinions is being down by progressives that control social media.