Love never dies Love story between Christ and his Church Part Two

It was a Misty night and the princess lay sleeping. And all the sudden a intoxicating smell a intoxicating prencece seemed to pull her up. She never felt so much love.

She saw the prince And could not pull away herself.

“A dark night a conflicted soul I fled my house when all lay sleep” a voice she heard.
What was that?

Like a magnet a unaginble force she couldn’t resist yet the closest she got she felt a great fire the pain was so great,
She asked
“Who are you”?
She droped and seemed to be floating in the air.

And a voice reached out.
“Im here the rose of Sharron Im here the rose of Sharron Im here ! Im here! Im here!”)

I can’t breathe she said.

Singing ( There is no love greater than mine
My is immortal it is forever I will give you rest.)

Esther! Raul said.

You must have been sleepwalking.
I will make you the greatest queen in all the land haha. To be cotuined

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Part Two

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