Lyrics to a song

Was wondering if any of you have the lyrics to the song “Lord you have come to the lakeside”?

Many thanks

It’s probably Pescador de Hombres:

(English translation)

Lord, You have come to the seashore
Neither searching for…the rich nor the wise,…
desiring only…that I should follow


O Lord, with your eyes set upon me,
gently smiling, you have spoken my
all I longed for I have found by the
water. At your side,…
I will seek other shores.

Lord, see my goods, my possessions;
in my boat you find…no power, no wealth…
Will you accept then…my nets and labor? Refrain

Lord,…take my hands and direct them
Help me spend myself in seeking the lost,…
returning love for…the love you gave me. Refrain

Lord,…as I drift on the waters…
be the resting place…of my restful heart,…
my life’s companion,…my friend and refuge… Refrain

I’m pretty sure that we’ve sung this song at Mass before. :slight_smile:

Thanks SO MUCH everyone.

You probably know but, if not, this was John Paul the Great’s favorite song. It’s Polish name is “Barka” (translating as boat or barge). At the Mariaka Basilica in Kraków’s historic city center, it is played by the tower bugler regularly as a tribute to the late Polish Pope. There are many Polish interpretations posted on You Tube. I organize John Paul II inspired Pilgrimages and numerous times have participated with large groups of Poles singing this song at times commemorating his life.