Mac or PC?

I’m wanting a laptop, but would consider a desktop if the features or abilities are that much better.

I want top ot the line and able to do just about anything.

Opinions and suggestions please?!


I’m using my MacBook right now. I love it. The only things I’ve had to install were Microsoft Office for Mac and a couple of programs to help me with analyzing and writing up research. It’s an awesome little machine, worked right out of the box with wireless internet, built in camera, Bluetooth capability, iTunes installed, CD/DVD burner, iPhoto, iMovie, internet browser, etc. I haven’t had any problems with Microsoft Office document PC compatability issues either. It’s also not huge, I bought a padded sleeve from the Apple website and it fits nicely into my backpack. No regrets, it was well worth the extra money to splurge on the Mac. :thumbsup:

Mac is nice, and fixes easier. Out of the box ready, and lasts forever.

Of course, there is Linux…

While I don’t have one I’ve heard really good things about the new MAC, as you can see from the previous posts.


I want top ot the line and able to do just about anything.


Well that still depends on which ‘everythings’ you want to run. I think most common commercial software has versions for both PC and MAC. But if you need to run proprietary software then it is probably only going to run on one platform or the other.

Unless you’re doing something that requires your computer to be turned on all day I can’t imagine why you would need a desktop.


For those who want to invest some time in learning, I would recommend Linux (particularly one of the “easy” distributions such as Ubuntu). For those who don’t, I’d recommend a Mac. Either way your virus and spyware problems will become nonexistent.

Oh that sounds wonderful!

**What’s Linux and how does it compare? Don’t tell me to do research because reading it wouldn’t help me understand it.:confused: **

What software is propietary?
My computer is often on all day, which is one of the reasons I want a laptop - portability of use vs being chained to a desk.

However, it the functional use is that much better with a desktop - I’d choose that over portability.

Do you have an Apple store near you? I would recommend just going in and trying the laptop vs. the iMac and see which one you like better. I chose the iMac because I find they are easier to type on. I just find laptops very annoying.

The works out of the box issue is totally true. All I had to do with my new iMac was plug it in, and voila…The lasts forever is only a slight exaggeration. My current iMac replaced my previous iMac after 6 years of continuous use.

Windows PC if you play games. Otherwise, your call. If you have access to already working computers running various systems, just test them out a bit and find out what works for you. There is no single good answer. :wink:

My laptop is on pretty much all day, every day. I just leave it plugged in unless I need to move it around. The MacBook has an unplugged battery life of a couple of days if it stays in sleep mode, and a few hours if the computer is in use.

I forgot to mention that software installation and downloads are much nicer and faster as well. One of my PC-using coworkers watched me download and open a file in under a minute and was in disbelief because the same file had taken her several minutes to get up and running.

As for proprietary software: some programs will only run on one or the other. I haven’t had any problems getting software that is available for both (makes file sharing easier).

BTW, you can run Windows on the new Macs that have Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

I like the Mac. I just replaced my graphics workstation last summer, from a Performa 6400 running Mac OS 8.5 (it shipped with OS 7.1) to a PowerMac G4 running OS 9 and OS X.

I also upgraded all the software, and I had to get a new printer (they hadn’t invented USB yet when my old printer was made), but my old scanner still works. (Kind of. It needs a new bulb, and I don’t know where to get one) but the old graphics workstation still works just fine (my husband is using it for his home office) - it’s just that my clients need more powerful applications than I was able to create on that system.

I also have a G3 i-Book laptop that runs OS 9, and a Toshiba laptop that runs Windows XP.

I do occasionally use the Windows computer to open Publisher files and to do cross-platform testing of my applications, but other than that, it stays in the drawer.

Unless you need it for games or specialized software, I’d suggest a Mac. They are very powerful for graphic and video editing as well as other uses. Most software is built into the computer so there is no need to buy as much as you would have to on a PC.

Isn’t Ubuntu a kick? I went to a 2-day seminar that involved a Wiki server, and I just can’t say enough good things about Ubuntu!!!

we have a desktop Mac, as well as a few PCs …
(my husband owns his own business)

For me … it’s MAC … HANDS down!
I-Tunes, the DVD making capabilities (which we just discovered, to my daughter’s delight!), and it’s NEVER gotten bugged up from spyware, etc.


Martha, with the kids and everything else- your family was made for Mac. You are not of the Tribe of Geek, as I am. Mac is worth the money for you and your family- unless one of your kids is waiting in the wings with a tweeker and software, ready to new and improve your old box.

Yay, Macs are awesome!

I’m surprised at the strong pro-Mac preference stated on this thread. :confused:

I’ll certainly defer to current Mac users, as I have not used one regularly in about 6 years, but I found them far more likely to crash and harder to find software for than PCs.

I was in journalism (which is very heavily Mac-oriented) from high school (mid-90s) until 2001 and I did not like them, much to the chagrin of my co-workers. My DH uses an older Mac laptop now at his school and *hates *it, too, for the reasons I already mentioned.

So, I don’t know if they’ve grown reliable in recent years or what, but I would ask about that before you buy.


From what everyone tells me, OS X is much better than the previous Mac OSes. Also, they last longer and are less prone to viruses and spyware, so for non-technical people who don’t need any Windows-only programs, I’d say shell out the extra money and be free of headaches.

I’ve actually never used Ubuntu–I’m a Slackware kind of guy and have been since 2001. Ubuntu has brought many of my friends to Linux recently, so I’ll extol its virtues too :cool:

**I use mac for work. We currently have a G5 Dual processor 2.5 with a 1.5 terabyte drive(RAID Drive) use 10.3.9…

In the 2 years that i have used it i can count on one hand the times that the computer has shut down, frozen, etc … Now I have had problems with specific programs doing that such as Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator etc…but thats only because usually i’m doing something that requires a fair amount of memory…

Most people don’t use that much, the mac pro notebooks are great too, i have always loved those! You could always check out the mac Mini’s…

What are you looking your computer to be able to do for **you?